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  1. What about the lines on the theory of relativity:

    Lister: ‘Yeah, what is it, Hol?’
    Holly: ‘It’s a theory’…’You only tell your relatives’

    Very clever stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. Quite disappointing as BITR is not all that bad. It’s just lines like: Lister: ‘You’ll want to leap out of bed’, Kryten: Well in your case Mr Lister, sir, that’s because your sheets are covered in pointy poppadom shards’ So damn childish and seem more suited to a cartoon for six year olds. Ah, well.

  2. > What’s an iguana?

    That would have got a massive laugh on VIII. I think it’s just the delivery and the fact that the audience didn’t laugh that made it worse. That audience didn’t laugh at quite a few things.

  3. >That would have got a massive laugh on VIII.

    As much as I’d like to, I can’t disagree with you on that. Except that…well…it still isn’t a very good joke. The audience laughed at the theory of relativity if I remember correctly. Not to mention Nostrilomo.

  4. To be fair, I’ve been in an audience recording. It’s *very* easy to find yourself getting carried away with the atmosphere and laughing at stuff that you later realise just wasn’t very funny.

  5. Gay pornography has an audience?

  6. “No, I’m talking about the article. Have you done my leg yet?”

  7. The odd thing about that line is I used to *hate* it… but now I find it very amusing.

    I think it’s because it feels so deliberately contrived. Whether it actually was or not though, I have no idea.

  8. Ha. I’m with Andrew. That’s a definite clunker…shame, too…because series IV has so few of them.

  9. I think I like it because it almost feels like a *parody* of that kind of joke…

  10. Now a parody of that kind of joke I can appreciate. But I don’t really think it was…

    It’s certainly one of the few groan-moments in the whole series…there may be one or two more but they’re not coming to me now.

    Next time I watch it I’ll try to think of it as a parody of that kind of joke…and see if that helps.

  11. It’s possibly less in the writing (I don’t think it was written as a parody), and more in the performing.

    Perhaps it’s just Danny trying to make the line work!

  12. That ‘Alsatian dog after a head-swap operation’ line is awful.

  13. I started a thread about this on BTLi a while back with the “Follow my coords” joke from Ouroboros. As I said over there, what was Doug thinking when he wrote that?!

  14. Surely that joke is worth it for: “Coordinates! Thankyou!” One of the jokes I actually like in VII…

  15. No, that’s what I mean. The whole joke is appalling.

  16. It’s partly Danny’s delivery of that I like.

    But I also like bad puns far too much, admittedly…

  17. I love the “coordinates” bit. And I actually do feel guilty about that.

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