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  • What about the lines on the theory of relativity:

    Lister: ‘Yeah, what is it, Hol?’
    Holly: ‘It’s a theory’…’You only tell your relatives’

    Very clever stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. Quite disappointing as BITR is not all that bad. It’s just lines like: Lister: ‘You’ll want to leap out of bed’, Kryten: Well in your case Mr Lister, sir, that’s because your sheets are covered in pointy poppadom shards’ So damn childish and seem more suited to a cartoon for six year olds. Ah, well.

  • > What’s an iguana?

    That would have got a massive laugh on VIII. I think it’s just the delivery and the fact that the audience didn’t laugh that made it worse. That audience didn’t laugh at quite a few things.

  • >That would have got a massive laugh on VIII.

    As much as I’d like to, I can’t disagree with you on that. Except that…well…it still isn’t a very good joke. The audience laughed at the theory of relativity if I remember correctly. Not to mention Nostrilomo.

  • To be fair, I’ve been in an audience recording. It’s *very* easy to find yourself getting carried away with the atmosphere and laughing at stuff that you later realise just wasn’t very funny.

  • The odd thing about that line is I used to *hate* it… but now I find it very amusing.

    I think it’s because it feels so deliberately contrived. Whether it actually was or not though, I have no idea.

  • Now a parody of that kind of joke I can appreciate. But I don’t really think it was…

    It’s certainly one of the few groan-moments in the whole series…there may be one or two more but they’re not coming to me now.

    Next time I watch it I’ll try to think of it as a parody of that kind of joke…and see if that helps.

  • It’s possibly less in the writing (I don’t think it was written as a parody), and more in the performing.

    Perhaps it’s just Danny trying to make the line work!

  • I started a thread about this on BTLi a while back with the “Follow my coords” joke from Ouroboros. As I said over there, what was Doug thinking when he wrote that?!

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