Well, not much, to be honest. But Merry Christmas from all of us here at Observation Dome anyway. Watch out for something seasonal later on today on G&T; and don’t forget The Christmas Invasion at 7pm on BBC ONE. As if you would.

Which brings us neatly to our question of the day – what would the planned Christmas special(s) of Red Dwarf have been like? Longer than half an hour, certainly – but would Rob and Doug have done something completely unseasonal, or would they not have been able to resist making a proper Christmassy episode, with snow, tinsel, and Christmas trees? I just can’t quite picture the latter…

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  • I’ve seen snippets of The Christmas Invasion already, and my God that spinning Christmas tree makes me shit myself. Proper scary stuff.

    But David Tennant is fit. [Lollerskates]

  • *Fantastic*, in every way! And I expect the Gherkin shattering is another glorious Model Unit effect. And a great ending too – I was genuinely shocked.

    Note the tradmark dodgy bit of dialogue though – the “Doctor Who” line…

  • Yeah, the Christmas Invasion was great. The pace was incredible, the CGI fantastic (unlike Series One – see Slitheen exiting body-suit) and although I was a bit taken aback by Doctor Action Hero, the final moments of the show with Harriet Jones and Christmas dinner managed to lay his feelings to rest.

    What did everyone think about what we saw of Series 2? We saw a lot of those Cat People…

  • The episode ruled. Definitely the best thing that Russell T Davies has written for the series so far. I suppose he has more confidence after the success of the first series. I’m thinking this was given the budget of two normal episodes. I can’t see the standard of the CG, music and everything being the same for the second series. Fucking hell, the shots with all the Sycorax in the background kicked the ass of even the Dalek shots in Parting of the Ways.

    I think I might have to watch it again though because there were a few moments where I wished Christopher Eccleston was still here. This is really stupid, I know, and David Tennant is pretty good for his first episode, but the more badass and ruthless Doctor suited Chris more, maybe. Of course, I wasn’t sure about Chris at first, but now I think he was the most perfect choice.

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