Happy New Year! You CUNTS.

Erm, I sang the Red Dwarf theme on karaoke last night.

And it was the Elvis version.

Moving swiftly on, I thought it was an appropriate juncture to take a look ahead at what we know is coming up this year:

Key: DVD Release Book Release Event TV Programme
Date Event
January 10th Red Dwarf VII out in Region 1. Is there any reason why Amazon think VII came out in 1989, and was directed by Andy DeEmmony and Rob Grant? Oh yes – they’re useless shits.
February 11th-12th Collectormania Manchester G-Mex. With Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn.
Marth 27th Red Dwarf VIII out in Region 2. Released both with and without a Corgi Skutter model.
March/April Red Dwarf VIII out in Region 4. No word about the Skutter yet, although I suspect we’ll find out soon.
April 22nd-23rd Comedy Classics. With Chloë and Robert Llewellyn. At the Stoke-on-Trent Moathouse.
May 2nd Red Dwarf VIII out in Region 1. Again, no word about the Skutter yet.
September 22nd-24th Dimension Jump XIII. Back at the Peterbrough Moat House. No cast confirmations yet, although we can probably expect the usual suspects. And please – come back again, you Model Unit babes.
November 2nd Fat released in hardback. The fat lazy cunt! Now put back from 21st September. Which used to be January 19th. Which used to be December 31st 2005. Which used to be May 19th. Which used to be May 1st. Gah.

Let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed. And, of course, that’s not forgetting some stuff we hope to hear about this year. The partworks? A Re-mastered release with extras? A 10%ers release? TEH MOVIES?

I also sang a duet of… Barbie Girl. Someone, please – shoot me in the head.

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  • “Erm, I sang the Red Dwarf theme on karaoke last night.”

    I would have been amongst those yelling at you to shut up, then.

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