Starburst Special cover - issue 73Now, as you know, I don’t have a particularly high opinion of magazine coverage of Dwarf. It’s often inaccurate at best. Indeed, this month’s dreamwatch manages to refer to a character called “Christine Kochansky”.

But. BUT. The current Starburst Special (#73), is indeed very special – because, to celebrate “Red Dwarf VI now on DVD” (erm, never mind – I don’t care if it’s a flimsy excuse), we get an on-set diary written by Joe Nazzaro (of The Making Of Red Dwarf fame) back in 1993! It’s almost certainly a reprint from back then, of course, but I’m not going to complain about loads of rarely-seen pictures and interesting snippets – most of which don’t appear in the book. For instance, on the shooting of Psirens:

“Grogan has a more difficult time of it. She blows her lines several times, especially with the word ‘stasis,’ which she rhymes with ‘Mathis’. With each retake, Wragg’s team has to reset each explosive charge on the set, an annoying and time-consuming process.”

So… any ideas why they recast Kochanski, then?

We also get hints of what was to come: “Over the past several days, several people have said they probably won’t be coming back for another season…” Sadly, he doesn’t go into more detail, but no matter. This deserves buying. NOW. Go on.

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  • “Over the past several days, several people have said the probably won’t be coming back for another season…”

    The what?


    The model department?

    The series?


  • Oh, FFS. It was meant to be “they”. Fixed. I should learn how to write.

    Anyway, it must refer to Christ Barrie’s departure – but also other people as well. Had Rob Grant leaving come up so early?

  • But Rob giving up comes as early in the DVD documentaries as Series V, where Rob apparently went home for three days during the edit of Back to Reality.

    Evidently it’s his way of dealing with things.

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