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DK Prince, on the Webboard, about Hattie Hayridge’s Holly:

“But she brought a subtle “maternal” quality to Holly . You could tell the boys were her “children” and she cared a great deal for them.”

I’d never even thought about this. It’s right though, isn’t it?

If only Rob and Doug had found more for her to do…

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  • Can’t really agree with this, I’m afraid. Aside from being the sole woman accompanied by a bunch of immature, squabbling males, it doesn’t really work for me. Holly’s not exactly the responsible, maternal type and her relationships with the blokes isn’t all the different to the ones that the Norman incarnation shared.

  • The problem with Holly series III onwards was that Rob and Doug made her even more thick than Norman’s incarnation in I-II. This was, of course, due to the addition of Kryten as the droid that explains it all. Hattie’s Holly did have SOME exposition, but not enough for her to be any real use as a character, except in White Hole. I reckon that if Norman had stayed on as Holly he might have kicked up more of a fuss about not having enough lines.

  • I don’t get this either. Some examples would help… maybe Back To Reality when she’s trying to talk them out of their hallucination, but that’s all I can think of right now.

  • >maybe Back To Reality when she’s trying to talk them out of their hallucination, but that’s all I can think of right now.

    That’s exactly what came to mind for me as well.

    I’d LIKE to believe this. I really would. And maybe if I have enough of a drive to I can write myself a little essay about it…but as of right now it just doesn’t feel natural.

  • Perhaps I went a bit overboard. I think perhaps it’s one of those situations where you think “Oh yeah, that’s right!” because it would make *so* much character sense, and you fill in the gaps – rather than it being explicit in the series. You can imagine it being that way in the scenes we *don’t* see, where they’re all just lazing about…

    The Back To Reality stuff is one bit in the series, though. I’m sure there must be other little bits, but it’s LATE and I’m TIRED. I’ll have a think.

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