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  1. I ordered this fuck knows how long ago at play.com (?12.99).

    It’s status at the mo: “Not currently available”


  2. Not really. As John says: IT DOESN’T EXIST!

  3. I wonder how much I could claim in false advertising if I place an order…

  4. “Delivery estimate: 17 Feb 2006 – 6 Mar 2006”

    Boy, this is gonna be fun!

  5. “Red Dwarf Series One CD

    “Publisher: learn how customers can search inside this book.”


  6. >Not really. As John says: IT DOESN’T EXIST!

    I know that, Andrew. I was being sarcastic.

  7. “Delivery estimate: 4 April 2006 – 24 April 2006”


    When they revise it again, I’ll send a STERN EMAIL.

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