So, what is it? Due for release on the 27th January.

Now, so far, Japan has had individual releases of each series, and two boxsets each containing four series. All of that malarky happened in 2003 (which annoyed some UK/US people at the time, but come on – aren’t you glad you had to wait a while now?) It was the Re-mastered series, dubbed into Japanese (see the The End on the Series 1 release), and had no extras beyond a few images, character profiles, and brief interviews with the Japanese performers. However, there have been hints that Japan is going to get proper, extras-filled releases.

So, what’s in this release, then? All 52 eps in a box, certainly – but beyond that, I have no idea. Certainly, 10 discs would indicate some extras, but not nearly as many as the UK/US/Australia editions. (That is, if the 10 discs information is accurate – we all know how useless online retailers are with, you know, ACTUAL FACTS and stuff. I mean, still list the Series 1 DVD as a PG rather than a 12 – and fuck knows what Play are, erm, playing at with their covers) I would also guess that it’s the original programmes they’re getting.

But who knows? Andrew has said on the Webboard that we’ll have to wait for a big TOS update to find out. So, we’ll just have to wait and see…

UPDATE (22/1/05): There we go, then. A re-release of all eight series in one box (Re-mastered, and edited down, as per the previous releases), along with Smeg Ups and Outs. I’m sure it’ll sell like buggery, but let’s hope Japan gets the full extras-laden and unedited release it deserves at some point.

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