8 Responses to Proof that GNP hates Rob Grant

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  1. Classic. Interesting how Rob’s feet and hands are like ten times bigger than Ed and Doug’s. Psychologically, what does that say?

    Watched the first ep of The IT Crowd. It’s like a more mental Black Books (but obviously set in an IT department rather than an book shop…), and it’s good despite the Moss character being a little too sitcom-stereotypical and the other guy being basically Dylan Moran on speed. At least it works as an antidote to Hyperdrive.

  2. Yes, he is very fat these days.


  3. It’s strange. I met him in January 2004, and he seemed to have lost a bit of weight. Then he turns up on Comedy Connections in mid-2005, and he’s enormous again. It’s wrong to speculate on such things without even a smattering of facts, but maybe it’s a medical thing?

  4. Or maybe he dieted and didn’t stick to it?

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