Gah. Remember when we lost all our comments?

Well, some of them are actually retrievable – indeed, with any item posted before our July 2004 relaunch, you can access the comments by changing the URL from including the time to including the title. For anything after that until October 31st 2004, the Wayback Machine will suffice. All of these will be reintegrated back into the site at some point.

Irritatingly, though, I’d always banked on the Wayback Machine saving my white ass. But the next date it archives is… well, it says January 25th 2005, but it contains the January 29th posting explaining the comments are fucked – with most of the comments gone. So, we’re missing all the comments between November 1st 2004 and January 29th 2005. Three months. Wah!

So… it’s a very long shot – but do any of you have archives of News/Site Updates pages during those three months? There is, of course, no reason why you should – but even if you just saved the odd page with comments, if you could send it us, I’d be very grateful. I want to have as full an archive as possible. And yes, I’m fully expecting to have no replies.

Oh, and you’ll be pleased to hear we make backups now. Well, recently. Well, last week. After I nearly lost it all again. Hmmm.

An actual update from us rather than pathetic grovelling coming soon!

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