Valentine’s Day, then. As we all know, Camille was first broadcast on 14th February 1991, and had strong love type themes. This was a happy accident, of course, as the series was originally supposed to open with Meltdown, which isn’t quite so lovey-dovey.But six years later, Blue was broadcast on Valentine’s Day 1997. This too had themes of love; this time the love between two men. One of whom was dead. And it featured one of the most memorable screen kisses ever. And exactly a year later, Valentine’s Day 1998, BBC2 made way for Red Dwarf Night, as a symbol of its love for the show. And various other people confessed their love for the show too – Terry Pratchett, Patrick Stewart, and Garry “a beard with an idiot hanging off it” Bushell, to name but a three. Plus, Universe Challenge featurred a montage of Lister snogging various people. And, the evening finished with a repeat of Gunmen, featurring Lister and Loretta shagging in a car.


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  • Get some rest, Symes. You’re all gigged out.

    Incidentally, I got an actual Valentine’s Card today, from an actual GIRL for the first time in my life.

    And also, as a mate pointed out to me today, the initials of Valentine’s Day, a day generally dedicated to shagging (oh, and love) spell VD.

    Coincidence, or SOMETHING MORE SINISTER?

  • On a day as beautiful as today, ‘taking the piss’ is not an acceptable turn of phrase.

    ‘Extracting the urine’ is much more preferable.

    And no, they weren’t.

  • Can’t believe it’s 8 years since Red Dwarf night. It’s a shame that the only thing new in Dwarf’s 20th anniversary would be series VIII. Oh yeah and IDW and Life In Lame…

  • I sometimes wish Meltdown was at the start of the series. Kryten’s development is so much better if you watch it first. There he is Kryten having to obey everything and then in Camille, possibly as a result of this, he learns to rebel. Shame.

  • IV is the one instance where I would have liked the episode order changed for the DVD. Yeah yeah yeah, ‘as broadcast’ and all that, but still…what harm would it have done?

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