Just a quickie – Mr. Ellard pointed out on the Webboard a rather interesting podcast containing an interview with Doug Naylor about writing and effects in Red Dwarf (third one down). Well worth a listen – even if the first question is whether Red Dwarf should be characterised as “comedy or effects”. Erm, yes. The site is well worth a browse around too, mind.

I wish I was talented enough to work in visual effects. On the plus side, at least there’s no risk of having my hair burnt off.

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  • This is worth listening to. I like the bit where Doug says they complained that the cast weren’t invited to the BBC Christmas party even after they’d won the Emmy! They were always seen as some kind of outcasts to normal BBC comedy output.

  • >They were always seen as some kind of outcasts to normal BBC comedy output.

    This is a point I made recently when discussing the fact that Armando Iannucci, during one of his Oxford lectures, said in a Q&A session in response to a question about Dwarf that I’d asked that he’d never really engaged with the programme, or even really watched it, at all. I was unsurprised by that reaction, as I’ve always imagined Rob, Doug and the Dwarf crew as being considered as outsiders when it comes to the British comedy fraternity (perhaps because, Spitting Image aside, they didn’t really work with anyone else and didn’t really do much else). People often wonder why I think that; I’m glad that Doug’s provided a bit of justification for it.

  • Why don’t you boys do a sporadic pod cast? I’m absolutely serious – it would be pretty damn successful, though I am aware there are probably legal reasons, feel free to correct me.

    I mean, have you gone to iTunes Podcast Directory and listened to half the crap that gets on there? And I’m not talking Chris Moyles.

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