Maid Marian Series 1 DVD cover. I'll repeat: MAID MARIAN SERIES 1 DVD COVER.OH. MY. GOD. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this? For more on the episodes, see Barrington’s Maid Marian Programme Guide – although anyone who went to DJ this year will remember a couple of the eps.

According to DVD Reviewer, we’re even due some extras:

  • Commentary on Episode 1 by Tony Robinson – Oh, for a commentary on all six episodes. What an ungrateful bastard I am. I’m still thrilled.
  • Quiz: Written by Tony Robinson – Eureka love their quizzes, don’t they? Still, with Tony Robinson involved, it should be fun. But not as much fun as…
  • Maid Marian Karaoke – …THIS. No doubt this will be the centrepiece of many a drunken party throughout the land this year. And quite right too.
  • Trailer – Please be an original broadcast trailer, not just a pointless one for a Series 2 release.
  • How the Germans Saw It – a short compilation of clips, or the Japanese The End? No idea, but should be fun for a limited amount of time.
  • An exclusive Booklet: Written by Tony Robinson and drawn by Paul Cemmick – Aceness, as Ian would say. But I just can’t carry that off, so I’ll settle for “good”.

Of course, deleted scenes, outtakes, and all that guff would have been nice, but what’s on offer is more than I would have expected, frankly. And we’re getting one of the best TV shows ever made on DVD – it doesn’t need the children’s qualification. Beautifully written, acted, and produced – and with a feel quite unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. 20th March is the release date – the week before the Region 2 release of Red Dwarf VIII, in fact.

Now, all they have to do is release Woof!, and I’m a happy man…

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