Yeah, yeah, I know I’m late with this one. But starting this Sunday, 12th February @ 10:10pm on BBC TWO is Petrolheads, described by the BBC as:

“High octane comedy collides with amazing stunts and car trivia in a new fast moving car based quiz. Host Neil Morrissey asks the questions and resident team captains Richard Hammond and Chris Barrie battle it out for the title of supreme Petrolhead; helped by actors Philip Glenister from Life on Mars and from The Full Monty, Hugo Speer.”

I have no interest in cars whatsoever, but hopefully this will be worth a watch in the same way that Top Gear is. Chris Barrie and Richard Hammond are always good value.

If you fancy a trip to a recording, here’s the info – you’re possibly too late for the recordings this weekend (although it wouldn’t harm to ring up and ask), but there’s another on Saturday 18th, with more dates due to be announced shortly. You too could be in the same studio that An Evening With Ricky Martin was shot in!

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  • ‘Yeah, yeah, I know I’m late with this one.’

    You know, if I had my own site I could really be smug right now.

  • Start one!

    Seriously – you’re really fantastic at Dwarf news, and are always sending me bits of stuff. (Which I then don’t answer as I’m shit at emails – sorry about that.) You could do a *fantastic* Dwarf site…

  • I can’t find the login URL for OD so I’ll just summarize here:

    The first Futurama film is officially going to start production in July or August. I’ve got the story on my site, along with the source URL (Billy West himself).

    This is due in part to the phenomenal DVD sales Futurama has had in the past couple of years.

    Please, please, please can’t somebody see how much money a Dwarf movie would make? If American financiers are willing to second guess themselves and give a series like Futurama a big screen chance, why can’t British ones get in gear and send Dwarf into orbit?


  • Petrolheads: Some very dodgy moments (forced banter at the start, Morrissey not that great a host), but enough good stuff (Glenister, when asked what’s the link between Jimmy Saville and an old car: “You wouldn’t want to be in either of them”) to make it well worth watching.

    Excellent physical challenges (blindfolded parking) as well, which distinguishes it from just being another HIGNFY clone.

  • I agree – Neil Morrissey’s no quiz host. They’re not really sure of the format, and there were some very dodgy bits – Chris Barrie’s Jimmy Saville impersonation among them – but still miles (no pun intended) than most of the other tat on TV at the mo.

  • ‘Start one!

    Seriously – you’re really fantastic at Dwarf news, and are always sending me bits of stuff. (Which I then don’t answer as I’m shit at emails – sorry about that.) You could do a *fantastic* Dwarf site…’

    Yeah, thanks, I’m hoping to eventually. But first I need to get a job and a bank account for over 18’s. :)

  • Oh my god!! How insensitive and daft can the production crew be to use Richards OWN car in the reverse parking exercise!! This is getting more like Jeremy Beadle, and should stop these schoolboy pranks and concentrate on building it’s own format.
    Apart from that, it was an extremely enjoyable show.

  • Oh, come on, that was hilarious.

    I wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t his car at all, but a copy with the same number plate.

  • The “banter” at the start is amusing, but it seems so forced and scripted, doesn’t it? HIGNFY does a much better job of giving the illusion of spontaneity.

  • >Richard Hammong: Stop going “WAHEY” whenever anyone makes a vaguely amusing comment, you annoying
    >little man.

    Why? It’s what we all do all the time.

    >Thanks to Thomas Evans for pointing out this… Get us!


    Get *me*!

  • This weeks guests are the legendary MURRAY WALKER and Top Gear’s JAMES MAY – should be a good one!

  • Thisw show is absolute shite. I love Top Gear and ama car fan but for a BBC show this takes the biscuit. The banter sounds scripted to me and the editing is badly done. As for the points scoring and general format! Also Neil Morrisey is a terribl host. All in all…dog shit.

  • ‘ll try to review it this weekend.


    Forgetting about the whole Richard Hammond thing for a minute – Wikipedia says Petrolheads has been cancelled due to poor ratings. I think it’s a real shame – because, whilst the banter at the start was excerable, once the show got going it was really very funny indeed.

  • Nothing yet, so we have to assume that it’s cancelled, I think.

    Which is a great shame. Get rid of Neil Morrissey, sort out the terrible starting banter, and you’d have a great show. It had me in hysterics at times.

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