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  • No.

    Because it’s not out until Monday, and I’m not ordering it from Play until I get the LAST thing I ordered from them, two weeks ago.

  • It almost certainly is the postal service (sorry, readers of my journal or BTLi will be fed up with me mentioning this by now), because Oxford has the worst postal service in the entire world. But Play say you have to wait 14 days before they’ll start tracking down lost stuff, so I’m having to twiddle my thumbs until Wednesday…

    It’s largely annoying because I bought the item in question as something to watch during the lonely weeknights after work while Rachel was away (and no, it’s not porn, John, before you comment). Said week of Rachel-away-ness has now passed – and so, while I still really want the DVD (because it’s ace, and because none of my housemates have ever seen it) it’s already missed out on one of its intended purposes…

  • That is, indeed, a fine desktop.

    And yes, I have my DVD. But that Skutter – though *brilliant* – is not leaving the backing card.

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