Ooooh.Interesting to us lot for three reasons – one, because it’s a drama about the life of Kenneth Williams, which should be very interesting anyway; two, because it’s directed by Andy De Emmony, VI’s director; and three, because Mr. Christopher Barrie was considered for the role of Kenneth! And anyone who has seen Smeg Ups can testify that he would have been wonderful at it.

Still, the part went to Michael Sheen instead. Bah. Still, it should be well worth watching – as indeed, should the entire Kenneth Williams Night, on Monday 13th March on BBC FOUR.

Oh, and let’s laugh at The Independent’s website as well. Here’s a clue: columns work very well in print format, but on websites, all it means is you have to scroll all the way back up to the top to carry on reading…

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  • > because it’s directed by Andy De Emmony, VI’s director

    Also director of the Father Ted series 3 studio shoots, amongst other things. Michael Sheen is a good actor, a brilliant actor in fact. Shame Chris didn’t get it, but he’s doing Petrolheads and you know you’ve gotta get your priorities sorted…sorry, my brain isn’t functioning.

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