John’s DVD Newsround – 18/3/06

I wish I could sit at home all day doing websites. If I hadn’t got to go to actual work for a living, I would be able to pop along to the VIII DVD launch event on the 27th, and do that whole meeting the cast and getting my DVD signed malarky. As it is, I’ll have to content myself with staring at that publicity shot in the news story that I’ve never seen before. (Just why are Craig and Chloe, and Chris and Danny, doing the same as each other?) Anyway, it’s at the Oxford Street HMV, 12:30pm – 2:00pm. And you get a chance to win an exclusive costume from VIII. You may insert our usual joke about Chloe here, if you particularly want to.

Speaking of the VIII DVD, the Skutter gift set has sold out on Play. Wah! It’s still available at (and for a ridiculous £13.99) – but if I were you, I’d order it fast whilst you can.

Review! Coming! Imminently!

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  1. *wonders why it’s 3 quid cheaper at amazon*

    I like that it’s sold out at play. Shows that at least some people bought it.

  2. Largely for the reason that it’s sold out at Play and not at Amazon, and they probably have similar pre-order stocks.

  3. That’ll be why I ordered it from play *months* ago.

    *smug mode*

  4. Oh, me too – as soon as it went up. I’ve got pre-orders on there going up to at least August at the moment. I do like Play.

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