Thanks to Robert Gitte on the Webboard, who’s mentioned that Going Home: Robert Llewellyn is on The Biography Channel on Thursday 23rd March @ 10:00am. As it’s nearly half twelve at night and I need to be at work tomorrow, I’ll do a quick cut and paste:

“Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf’s Kryton and presenter of ‘Scrapheap Challenge’) had a troubled relationship with his father, who stood for all the things his artistic son came to loathe – including rugby, maths and Margaret Thatcher!

It’s now thirty-five years since Robert last saw inside his childhood home in Northampton, and although he regularly drives past the front door, he has never dared to stop his car and ask.

Now he finally has the chance to see how the house that has shaped his whole life has changed and in this entertaining and emotional journey back, he candidly relates how in later life he actually has found himself becoming more and more like his father.”

Kryton, there. Still, it sounds absolutely fascinating, and well worth bunking off school/college/uni/work for. We rarely get a glimpse into the personal lives of the cast – coupled with the fact that Llewellyn is probably entertaining whilst sitting on the toilet, and this should be brilliant.

As for our VIII review – Ian’s had to send me the discs, as he simply hasn’t got time to write the review. It’ll be published in the early hours of Friday morning. Why not stay up all night refreshing the site until it appears?

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  • It’d be nice to see the programme but unless Robert genuinely had an as yet undisclosed “troubled relationship” with his father that’s a terrible thing to say. Loads if not most people start out with contrary tastes ro their parents before deciding later in life that they weren’t so wrong after all. Rugby, maths and Margaret Thatcher sound a bit trite to me, and a bit sort of schoolboy didn’t like those things very much and remembers them to this day (get OVER it), cue Meaning of Life-style boys in oversized clothes being kicked into the mud by their larger rugby-loving peers. Rather than “troubled” which I’d feel sick about if I were Llewellyn’s father and that wasn’t true. Still, we shall see.

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