Well, look at this! Finally, some new details are released about GNP’s future forage into the DVD market. It’s all very exciting, but I do have a few issues with the title. I understand and support the campaign to reclaim the word ‘geek’, and agree that the word should have a positive connotation. But the fact remains that it’s only us geeks that feel that way about the word, and Beat The Geek could reinforce the “us and them” mentality between sci-fi fans and “normal” people.

But other than that, it’s all very positive. Most excitingly, Doug Naylor is the man with “the map and compass” in terms of this production, and with Doug working so closely alongside Ellard and Helen Norman, we can be assured of a quality product. I can’t wait to hear details, or even subtle suggestions, of what sort of bonuses we’ll get for getting 100%…

Oh, and there are 4,691 irradiated haggis in the ship’s inventory. Not 4,981, if Craig Charles is reading.

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  • >Finally, some new details are released about GNP’s future forage into the DVD market.

    Finally? Finally? The internet has spoiled you, John. What’s it been, a month since VIII came out? I spit at you.

  • I kind of got the impression it was a kind of working title, hence the “we’ll come back to that”….
    Either way, the description of the idea(s)sounds a lot more interesting that the ‘just a Dwarf quiz’ I had imagined…

    As for the ‘geek’ description, clearly not all fans are geeks, but it’s a description that has stuck…
    It doesn’t matter how much we try to play it down, it’s there, perhaps the best approach is to play on it.

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