It’s interesting reading about the widely-bootlegged unaired Buffy pilot episode. And it’s especially interesting reading Joss Whedon’s remarks on a possible DVD release: “Not while there is strength in these bones.”

Meanwhile, you’ve got GNP desperately trying to clear the release of the two unaired Dwarf US pilots, and when they don’t manage that, they do the next best thing – produce a documentary on it instead. And remember, these aren’t pilots Doug thinks are the BEST THING EVER. Not that I’m saying WE DESERVE TEH PILOTS IT’S NOT FAIRRRRRRR – it’s obviously Joss Whedon’s right not to have it released. I’m just saying that I can’t really understand his attitude; Buffy was hugely successful all over the world, so you think he’d feel confident enough to be fine about something like this being released. And he’s obviously well aware of the historical importance of it to fans.

It all makes for rather a contrast with GNP.

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  • The Angel ‘pilot’ (actually a promo) is also available online. Less interesting…but still interesting. And with enough production value to make me wonder why that, at least, couldn’t have been on the Angel 1 DVD.

    P.S. Whedon gives AMAZING commentary.

  • “P.S. Whedon gives AMAZING commentary.”

    Agreed. See also: Tim “Something For The Hardcore Fans, Here…” Minear.

  • The pilot version’s especially good to see the original version of Willow. My teenage (and, let’s face it, early-twenties) masturbatory fantasies are glad they went with Alyson Hannigan.

  • Who was she originally played by?

    Despite not having seen said original Willow, though, I can only echo the sentiments of “thank Christ they went for Alyson”. “Doppelgangland” just wouldn’t have been the same…

  • The original Willow can be described as… well, cuddly. And the acress just never managed to nail the endearing sweetness that the character needed. She was just played as a boring ‘geek’.

    Hannigan, of course, *nailed* it from the start. I love Alyson Hannigan.

    As for the pilot, It’s interesting but not entirely enjoyable. The complete lack of sound effects or music is really off putting and gives it all a very stilted feel. The bad video quality doesn’t help, either.

  • Good thread!

    The Buffy pilot should be part of a box set. But it’s really the tip of the iceberg. There are hours of rushes that have appeared on the web occasionally, from the shooting of the broadcast episodes. Seven takes of Willow trying to get out of a car convincingly, that kind of thing. Also writers like the charming and wonderful Jane Espenson are still keen to talk about the writing process at length.

    So there clearly is scope for some more brainy documentary material about the writing and making of the episodes.

    If the effort involved would hit the price of a box set, they should sell the extras separately. They’d make their money back easily and at the same time do justice to a fabulous show.

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