G&T: You know the last time you updated me? 6 days ago. 03:45, Tuesday the 28th. One update.
JOHN: Ssshhh!
G&T: I mean, what’s the point of owning a website if you don’t like to update it?
JOHN: I do like to update it!
G&T: I mean, this is my job! This is cruel. Just cruel…
JOHN: Look, I’m busy!
G&T: Oh, you’re not busy updating G&T, are you?

it2i2 DVD coverit2i2 RELEASED: The big news is that Robert Llewellyn’s it2i2 has now been released. This looks quite superb, and we’ll have a review of it as soon as we’ve got a copy. Extras include a Making Of (hooray!), a Comedy Animation Pilot (oooh…), and an interview with Professor Kevin Warwick, who frankly scares the shit out of me. Sooo… if an independently-produced DVD manages such good extras, is there any excuse for more commercial products to be so lacking? (Actually – plenty, yes, but I just Don’t Want To Hear Them.)

Robert’s also doing a signing at The Stamp Centre on The Strand, London, with both copies of the VIII DVD and it2i2.

JOKING APART: Due to get a DVD release on 22nd May in Region 2. Starring Robert “I’m either a stupid idiot or my agent is because I/he refused to let my Smeg Ups be cleared for release like an insecure idiot” Bathurst as a standup, and written by God Steven Moffatt (mind you, I even thought Coupling was quite good), I’ve never actually seen it, but think it looks rather interesting. Extras include a Making Of, and commentaries by writer (Moffatt! Yay!) and cast (Bathurst, hopefully! Yay!) – let’s hope it includes the pilot as well, which was extensively reshot for the series.

Oh, and I saw Chalk this weekend. It’s brilliant. DVD release overdue. Get on with it, someone. I mean, come on, any BBC1 sitcom that has a plot based around someone who has just recovered from a mental illness being traumatised straight back into it is worth something. The fact it’s also one of the best sitcom farces ever made is a bonus.

MR FAT BASTARD 2044: Nicked off Andrew from the Webboard – a nice interview with Mac McDonald, every true Dwarf fan’s new favourite person. I’ll even forgive his tediously obvious comments on the model shots. What I can’t forgive, however, is that website design. A few clues: a) Flash is not suitable for text-based sites, b) I want the main text of an article to take up more than a quarter of the screen, and c) I want to use the browser scrollbars, thanks, seeing as they’re ten times more usable than the dodgy shit you’ve knocked up. . I wouldn’t mind so much if the site actually looked nice – but it’s an appalling messy clash that makes me want to cry. FFS.

COLLECTORMANIA 9: Friday 28th April – Monday 1st May. Guests of relevance to us are Clare Grogan (only on one day – which one is yet to be confirmed), Robert Llewellyn (on the Sunday and Monday), and Lee Cornes (on the Sunday only). Find out directions for yourself, as I’ve just realised that I should be getting paid to write advertising. However, I will say one thing: unlike Memorabilia, at least Collectormania gives you free entry.

If only the same thing could be said for Clare Grogan.

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  • About Chalk, I remember it was criticised HEAVILY when it was on, even though it was pretty funny. The BBC tends to want to forget shows that were flops for a long time, hence the lack of DVD releases for the likes of Mrs. Merton and Malcolm.

    And doesn’t Robert look a bit like Rob Grant on the DVD cover…

  • Also, if you visit Rob’s site without the appropriate Flash plugin (it used to work for me, so I guess he upgraded?) you see this:

    Alternate HTML content should be placed here.

    I’d like to remind you all that he paid somebody for that.

  • Ah, the wonders of Flash. I tried to install a wireless router on my laptop this weekend, and the user guide, instructions, FAQ and troubleshooting stuff on the disc… was all cocking Flash. Say your computer didn’t come with Flash, which is fairly common, and you were trying to set up your first internet connection. Cable and Wireless can fuck off.

  • >Say your computer didn’t come with Flash, which is fairly common, and you were trying to set up your first internet connection.

    My roommate bought a MacMini a few weeks ago and tried to set up his already-existing internet connection on it. The connection software wouldn’t open, giving him errors, saying that Internet Explorer could not be found.

    Well, of course it couldn’t. It’s a Macintosh. Despite the fact that there’s no reason the program needed Internet Explorer compared to another browser, and despite the fact that his Mac CAME with other browsers, I had to burn him a copy of Internet Explorer, thereby wasting a blank CD and a half hour of our time.

    I’m still upset if you haven’t noticed. Still. Upset.

  • >>D’you know, I just now understood the title it^2i^2. J-just now.

    Spill, because I’m flummoxed.

  • “It Thinks, Therefore It Is.”
    Which is the tagline.

    Not that I’ve ever invested much thought in it before…but it did make me feel kind of stupid after I figured it out.

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