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  • ‘Red Dwarf: The Comb-Over’ or ‘Dad’s Army In Space’. It really is time season IX happened.

  • What the hey has happened to Hattie’s hair? She looks like Lynn from Neighbours.

    You watch Neighbours? I’m ashamed of you.

    I like her new hair.

  • Neighbours > Home and Away.

    Though you might not watch either.

    Chloe Annett looks amazing post-pregnancy.

    Also to my knowledge though you may want to double-check, as part of the 1973 season on BBC4, Life on Mars is being repeated all this week without the added Sign Zone person getting in the way. So if you missed an episode anywhere…

    Also, same goes for Doctor Who on UK Gold (Doctor Who Weekend next weekend) and on BBC3.

  • Neighbours > Home and Away.

    Anything > Neighbours > Home and Away

    You know why they keep making them? Because they’re cheap to produce, and they make a fortune when they export them to Britain. You lot love that crap way more than us Aussies do.

  • Well, in Britain these days, Neighbours > ITV’s 9pm output. So, I feel less shame in watching it than I normally would have.

    Also, Comedy Connections: Red Dwarf, Thursday 10:40pm UK Gold, for anyone who needs extra convincing to buy the DVD or to point out the correct date Scrapheap Challenge was made.

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