…and we’re back. Phew.

Well, wasn’t that lovely. The server we used to be on suddenly decided to have a sulk and refuse to run PHP. So, after my hosting company didn’t respond to my support request, we’ve moved servers – and after a lot of fucking about because I’m essentially useless, we’re back. Hooray for Hosting Unlimited – and thanks to Kirk for the recommendation.

Well, just off to update the site then. Before I do though, a word on the lack of updates around here. The reason is pretty simple: lack of time. With getting up NTS, and wanting to spend proper time with my girlfriend JUST THOUGHT I’D REMIND YOU I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND SHE HAS BIG FAT TITS, there’s just not been time to spend on G&T. Coupled with my essential laziness, and you’ve got a problem.

However: Friday, 26th May is my last day working at makro – after that, I’m leaving, to take the rather worrying step of trying to make a living out of freelance web design. That means: plenty of time to sort out the site redesign around here (this place will be a major portfolio piece), and get things back up to the way they used to be. So worry not – next month should see a rather substantial change to this site. And this time, I will actually have the time to follow it through.

The question is: will my obsession with tits, poo and spunk impress potential clients?

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  • > The question is: will my obsession with tits, poo and spunk impress potential clients?

    I could point you toward several sites that cater for all three…

  • Just put another 50p in the meter next time!

    You’re obsessed with poo? Well that will look good on a CV at toilet university perhaps?

  • Just to let you know, there are apparently at least two people posting as James here. One of them is me, and I didn’t post the above comment, nor a handful that I’ve seen on other threads.

  • Well, we have James Hunt, who writes for NTS, we have James the Idiot, who just writes crap all the time, and then we seem to have at least one more…

  • Probably I’m James the Idiot that writes crap all the time and somebody’s posting stuff about toilets to parody my crapness. It depends what’s being regarded as crap though. Usually what I say is in context, and I’m writing because I’m genuinely interested in the subject, but it looks a little obscure when I re-read it later.

  • Well I’m the James from the other, other dimension, from here on in, things get a little confusing….

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