Two updates from TOS this week. The first is the long-awaited VIII quiz. Let’s just see how I do…

…18/20. Pfft. Could be worse.

The other update is the conclusion of Andrew’s articles about each series: Eighth Dimension. For a series that isn’t my favourite by a long stretch, it’s probably my favourite article; there’s some excellent points about how the changes to the show’s situation don’t really mean a thing, which is something I always bang on about (my problems with the series certainly aren’t anything to do with the change in setting); but it’s worth reading alone for the image of the mirror universe Professor Cat and our Kryten having a great time chatting together. And a rather interesting ending, as well…

In other news, Rob’s it2i2 site has relaunched; it’s now thankfully devoid of pointless Flash, so I can bear to browse it now. There’s lots of lovely new content – unfortunately, I don’t think I can run the videos as I need Quicktime 7, which only runs on XP (which I don’t have). Ah well, I’m moving away from Windows next month anyway – there’s no way I’m designing websites full-time using the shitting thing.

And that’s all the weather – *points at camera* – for now.

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