It’s amazing what a bit of late night Googling can do. Seb, Cappsy and I were having a discussion about whether Doug Naylor used to be really fat, so I searched for “Doug Naylor” on Google Images. After a while, it came up with this page. From what we can tell, it’s the Estonian version of Last Human!

But just look at that cover illustration. We think it’s supposed to be the Snugiraffe, throwing up over some prisoners. Two things to point out: 1) The Snugiraffe didn’t throw up everywhere, it was the people that saw it that threw up; 2) the artist obviously couldn’t be arsed to read past Part One Chapter One, otherwise he’d have drawn something that actually had something to do with the main plots and themes of the book.


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  • *cough*’snewmerchandisesection*/cough*

    Heh. Funny how we spend ages Googling trying to find out what it is, just after that section’s been created!

    I like the Better Than Life cover. In fact, notice how on all three covers, the scenes are taken from very early in the book…

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