Doesn’t this just look utterly lovely?

Just The Shows Vol. 2 looking SEXYNot only do they use my all time favourite publicity shot, the colour scheme just looks so damn classy. It’s worth the 25 odd quid just for how it will look on my shelf!

Anyway, it seems to be business as usual for the second volume of everyone’s favourite vanilla DVD release, with all the episodes bundled in with zero extras. The menus are utterly beautiful, as with Vol. 1, exhibiting a selection of the more fetching model (or CG in VII and VIII’s case) shots from each series. My only gripe is the fact that all the discs are branded exactly the same, rather than sporting their own individual photos on the front. Still, it’s an understandable situation, given that they would need to be produced on the cheap. Also: they REALLY should have been called Byte 1 and Byte 2. You can TOS over the details here.

You can expect a stupidly in-depth review from one of us lot upon the release of this, no doubt, and hopefully things will be looking quite considerably different in the OD world by then, too. Watch this space, and try not to forget about us… We’re going to be back and kicking bottom in a large way soon enough.

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  • > Also: they REALLY should have been called Byte 1 and Byte 2

    We decided against it. It was considered, but a) we wanted to distance it from the VHS releases, b) it doesn’t really mean anything to people, and c) it just screams late-80s/early-90s.

    As the Geek cover will prove, I love me some reto. But there’s ‘retro’ and there’s ‘AICN’s site design’.

    JTS just needed it’s own identity, I guess.

  • Fair enough, so! I really want to MARRY the box-art, though, it’s so incredibly lovely.

    Any hints as to what the BTG cover will be like?…

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