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Someone at BBC Wiltshire loves Red Dwarf. And uses any excuse to include it in their programming. I admire this greatly. And here they are again – with an interview with Robert Llewellyn.

What really makes the interview worth listening to is that it doesn’t shy away from the difficult subjects. Accusations that VII wasn’t very good? Check. Rob Grant leaving? Check. But most of all, we get the first public words from anyone connected with the show over Craig’s crack allegations:

MARK SEAMAN: You mention Craig there – course bless him, he hasn’t had the best publicity in recent times – have you kept in touch?

ROBERT LLEWELLYN: Oh yeah absolutely, I’ve been talking to him recently and he’s been sending me very amusing texts, so he’s not lost his sense of humour. But I mean, I just feel so sorry for him, and he’s an extrodinary man, a wonderful guy, he stood by me when we were on the set of Red Dwarf when I didn’t know what was going on – my brain had boiled, you know – he’s a really good friend, an amazing guy, and I just felt so sad when I saw all that because you know he’s his own worst enemy – he’s no danger to the public, he’s a danger to himself, and he’s such a sweet man, and he’s incredible with the fans, just a genius.

MARK: Sometimes naturally creative people just kind of don’t know where to take that kind of creativity do they?

ROBERT: No. No. He’s such an energised guy, and it’s such a shame – it really broke my heart and I feel sorry for his wife and children cos that’s pretty horrible thing to happen to them, to have to go through all that. And his wife’s a fantastic woman, Jackie, wonderful, two lovely little daughters, and he’s got a big son, who luckily is old enough to know…

MARK: To work it through…


BBC Wiltshire, I salute you. I picked out that bit for the record – but please, listen to the whole interview, as it’s well worth it. Especially for the anecdote about the new producer and the camera rehearsal, which I hadn’t heard before…

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  • Robert is definitely the best cast member for interviews. Good on him for what he said about Craig. It’s crazy, even a short interview like this makes me think ‘fucking hell it would be such a crime if no more Dwarf was made’. Even if it was a Who-style audio with the cast I’d go completely mental. Just hearing someone talk about Dwarf retrospectively…it’s so wrong, we need a new series.

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