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Hello. Long time no see.Lots of things happening behind-the-scenes here at G&T, and indeed, erm, Observation Dome. We should have a proper announcement for you very soon.

Anyway, fanclub Chairman James Bull has posted to the Webboard today to let us know that Craig is still to attend DJ this September. “I just wanted to let everyone attending DJ, that Craig is still coming to the event. I spoke with him today. He’s happy and in good health and looking forward to DJ!” Excellent.

Other guests confirmed so far are Norman Lovett, Hattie Hayridge, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn, and the Model Unit crew Mike Tucker, Alan Brannan, Nick Kool, and Pete Tyler. Chris Barrie is yet to confirm. The event is taking place on the 22nd – 24th September at The Holiday Inn, Peterborough – for more details, see the fanclub site.

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  • Craig still attending – Excellent :) Not that I’m going this year, but it’s good to hear still!

    Interested in reading the announcment about OD…

  • >Interested in reading the announcment about OD…

    Ditto. It was a great concept that appears to have died a tragic death. I hope that we will see some version of it return soon…

  • Firstly, thanks John, welcome back online.

    Are we to have a doco on the making of the making of behind the scenes?

    Craig was arrested, but not charged, and on bail to appear at a later date. This date has not been confirmed. So his appearance still stands, and will do until which time I have more info.

    Not forgetting the special guests, which will be special this year!

  • James said on BTLi that there are “legal reasons” why he couldn’t be named in the update, and that he won’t know whether or not he’s coming until the last minute.

  • > Probably doesn’t have the nerve to show his face

    I don’t know about that. Maybe appearing at DJ would be a good thing for him. And if anyone gave him grief then…they’d just be utter utter twats. I hope everything gets sorted out.

  • Probably doesn’t have the nerve to show his face.

    I think this is unfair. I’m hardly Craig’s biggest fan (although as I keep on saying, I think he’s underrated in Dwarf by some people), but remember he does have to answer bail at an unspecified date this month, which could intefere with things.

    Add in the fact that it’s possible journalists could attend DJ if he might be there, and it’s understandable why he might not want or be able to go this year any more.

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