Just The Shows Volume 2 CoverReporting on news nearly two weeks late has to be some kind of record for us. Still, we couldn’t let the news about the cover design for Beat The Geek pass by without some kind of mention. Andrew’s right – not only is it retro, but it’s exactly like computer game covers used to be in the 80s, before they got boring. Very lovely indeed, and given how influential the Red Dwarf DVDs have been in other areas (I’m thinking menu design and the colour-coded covers), let’s hope that this sparks off a trend of people doing beautiful painted covers again.

Personally, I just can’t wait for the inevitable desktop background.

What is new is that Beat The Geek is now available for pre-order – at the BBC Shop, and Play (who are doing it for a ridiculous £14.99). The release date is given as 23rd October 2006 – you’d think you could trust the BBC, but given past experience it’d probably best to wait until GNP give a date.

In other news, the Region 2 release date of Just The Shows: Volume 2 has been confirmed as October 2nd. There’s no Australian release date as yet, but if it follows the same release pattern as Volume 1, it’ll be in November. Region 1 won’t be getting a release.

I suppose it’s the time of year to start watching the BBFC site again…

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  • Yes, you’re so late you appear to have missed the fact that there’s now ANOTHER article with the bg pictures of the Observation Dome, etc :)

  • > To protect against malicious comments, I have enabled a feature that allows your comments to be held for approval the first time you post a comment.

    And what the hell is up with this? It’s not “the first time”, it’s EVERY TIME. And yes, I have tried my TypeKey account a couple of times. Didn’t change anything.

  • Telly Addicts…ahh, the days when Noel Edmonds hosted a quiz where you actually needed a brain (albeit only half of one).

    Is it just me of does Norman look so pissed off on that cover. He’s like…the apotheosis of pissed-offedness.

  • Have you seen some of the questions?! Quite taxing on the brain. I’m really looking forward to the test.

    Norman plays a depressed computer, who wouldn’t be after 3 million years, with only a mouse and a cat to play with. Norman is one of the funniest people I have met in my life, just ask him about mocca coffee…

  • In the new TOS update they give screens featuring example questions. Why is one about Kryten labelled “General Knowledge?”

  • I actually don’t like the cover. But I think it’s because Norm looks possessed and Hattie’s hair is too short for a computer to have.

  • Sorry for taking so long to approve your comments, everyone. I was in Edinburgh for the week. Anyone using Typekey should automatically have their comments published now – I’d set it wrongly.

    We’re changing the backend system extremely soon, so I’m not spending ages tweaking the current system. Hopefully the new one should get rid of any problems.

  • > Why is one about Kryten labelled “General Knowledge?”

    Because it’s an observation question which requires no prior knowledge of Red Dwarf.

    Which is to say – that’s how we’ve crowbarred a little bit of Dwarf into the non-Dwarf section of the game. Show a funny (and brief)clip of the show then see if you were paying attention.

    Just how many fish containers DID Cat end up with…?

  • >Because it’s an observation question which requires no prior knowledge of Red Dwarf.

    Ahh, gotcha. And there I was thinking General Knowledge would be the “Dwarf-free” version of the game.

    That’s actually a pretty good idea, shoehorning Dwarf into the General section.

    Is this your devious way of getting non-fans interested in the show?

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