…and we mean it this time.

The new G&TNow, let me begin by saying that it can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that things have been getting rather shit around here of late. It’s no secret that morale is on the floor. We’ve lost all trace of regular updates, news coverage is strained and articles are low. Worse still, that’s about the twentieth time we’ve started a piece by paraphrasing the beginning of Out of Time. But, things are about to get a whole lot better…

We’re relaunching Ganymede & Titan. Properly relaunching it. Not just a redesign or a minor restructure, it’s going to be a whole new site. We’re changing our content management system from Movable Type to Drupal, which gives us all sorts of new possibilities. For a start, articles will be integrated into the system for the first time, meaning your comments will appear on the actual article page, like they do on Noise To Signal. Not only that, but you’ll be able to register an account with us for posting comments, so that you can do things like keep track of what’s new since your last visit. Also, each entry, be it news, review, article or whatever, will be tagged with several keywords (eg. DVD news, Craig Charles, Brittas), which means it’ll be much easier to find whatever you want to read.

But, as great as all that is going to be, if there’s one change that will be G&T great again, it’s this: we’ve got our mates on board. Jonathan Capps, Tanya Jones, Seb Patrick, Phil Reed and Austin Ross from Observation Dome will all be writing for G&T after the relaunch. Basically, running a good website requires more work than a mere two people can provide, especially when one of them’s starting his own business and the other is in his final year at uni. With more people working on the site, there’ll be someone around to add news stories as soon as they break. There’ll be plenty of people working on new articles, and they’re not half as lazy as me and John are. And better still, there’s plenty of opportunity for collaborative projects… needless to say, the ‘Productions’ section of the new site will be expanded exponentially.

So, obviously, Observation Dome has been closed down. It’s been down for a while, which is a shame. Without wanting to air our dirty, cum-stained pants in public, Kirk Northrop won’t be working with us any more, and he owns the domain. But fear not, we have all the old content, and it’ll be transferred to G&T in time for the relaunch. As will all the content from The White Hole, Garbage World and Fuchal, which are also being incorporated into G&T. Haven’t we learned over the last few years that if we all pull together, we can become greater than the sum of our parts? That if we are of one mind and one intent, there are no boundries as to what we can achieve. Now, this relaunch is going to work, do we believe? Do we believe?

So, don’t forget to tune in to our brand new URL, ganymede.tv, from Monday, 4th September 2006. See you in silicon heaven.

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