have scored quite a coup with a very attractive exclusive special edition version of the forthcoming interactive Red Dwarf DVD quiz Beat The Geek

As is customary here at G&T towers, I’ll hand you over to the collections of letters as typed by DVD producer Andrew Ellard for the full scoop:

I know I mentioned this to a few people at DJ, and it will
be in Friday’s updates, but the word is out and I’d like the
regulars to get a look in.

There is a version of Beat the Geek exclusive to –
it’s selling at £17.99, and comes with a Duane Dibbley

The Duane bobblehead was never made or released, so
this is the only place and time you can get it. It’s only
three quid more than the regular edition – but you have to
be quick, as there are a limited number.

As Andrew says, this deal effectively gives you a previously un-released Dibley bobblehead for £3! It’s a bargain, frankly. The bobblehead range seems to have died a death now, which is a shame, but only adds to the goodness of the deal you’re getting with this.

Expect a full review of Beat The Geek soon after the release along with the chance to win your own copy with a special G&T quiz coming soon (well, as soon as I hack together my appalling PHP into some form of workable shape).

It’s certainly a release to be excited about, as anyone who saw the preview at Dimension Jump will agree. Despite the fact it was an early test version (the new test was due to arrive at GNP yesterday), it’s shaping up to be simply and objectively the *best* DVD quiz on the market.

Keep an eye out on TOS on Friday for more details.

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