Remember Blak Yak Theatre? Based in Western Australia, they first did a production of Red Dwarf in 2002 (based on early episodes and IWCD), and then followed it up with a direct adaptation of Kryten in 2004. Well, the same team (director Tim Edwards and adaptor Nick Donald) are now doing Parallel Universe. The thought of how in the bloody hell they’re going to do Tongue Tied already makes me smile…

Details, then:

You can book your tickets through this website, or get them at the door.

Not only do you get to see Parallel Universe though; the show as a whole is called Nothing On Tonight (click for leaflet), which also includes adaptations of two Coupling episodes – Inferno, and the famous 9½ Minutes (you know, the one where we see the same time period three times over). I ask you, what better way is there to spend a Saturday night?

All excellent stuff. If anyone here goes, do you fancy writing us a report? Drop us a line at if so.

As for all us UK-based people – wouldn’t it be fantastic if someone did something like this over here? I spent a very enjoyable evening a couple of years ago watching an adaptation of Are You Being Served? – with the right people doing it, it can work brilliantly.

Meanwhile, I’m already wondering what Blak Yak have planned for 2008. Time to move onto Series III, I think…

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  • This sounds really bloody good. I’m actually amazed that something like this *hasn’t* popped up in the UK somewhere, actually. A Dwarf would go down a storm at Edinburgh or any number of small theaters.

  • Well, the cast have got nothing better to do…

    Seriously though, who WOULDN’T pay to see the cast do a Dwarf play? Not that it would ever happen. I’d be a little hesitant of others playing the roles, but I’d probably still go anyway. Anyway, good to see series 2 getting the love.

  • The thing is, if it’s a great big production, then you’d get worried. But with a smaller theatre group, your mind (well, mine did with AYBS?) just automatically accepts that it’s not going to be the original cast, and to accept it for what it is.

    If *only* someone would do this in the UK. I’d love to see it.

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