This can hardly count as news, considering how late it is, but it passed completely under our radar. Remember our “reporting” of the release of Series 1 and 2 of Brittas in Region 4? Well, Series 3, 4 and 5 have been released over the past year (on the 3rd August 2005, 2nd March 2006, and 6th July 2006 respectively) – and it’s well worth taking a look at the covers – Region 4 on the left, and Region 2 on the right.

The Brittas Empire DVD cover - Series 3, Region 4 The Brittas Empire DVD cover - Series 3, Region 2

The Brittas Empire DVD cover - Series 4, Region 4 The Brittas Empire DVD cover - Series 4, Region 2

The Brittas Empire DVD cover - Series 5, Region 4 The Brittas Empire DVD cover - Series 5, Region 2

Now, the Series 3 cover is rubbish on both releases – but isn’t it striking just how much nicer the Region 4 cover is on Series 4 and 5? Really quite beautiful, even if Brittas does look like Benny Hill on the Series 4 cover. A really striking way of using publicity photos, rather than just taking a couple that, whilst fine in themselves, just don’t work as covers. And the logo is far better placed as well; and the text is far more professional looking. Oh, if only Region 2 had had those covers instead. The only problem is with the ugly classification labels, but that’s not the distributors fault. (How anyone thought those were a good idea, I don’t know – it now means every single Region 4 cover is blighted with that unsightly mess.)

Incidentally, there’s no news of a release of Series 6 or 7 in Region 4 yet, although with the last release only in July, they may very well be coming up. I’d tell you to check back here, but we’re clearly rubbish at Region 4 releases and will probably miss it, so you’ll just have to look out for yourself.

Whilst we’re on the subject of Brittas, look out for our catch up reviews of Series 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the coming weeks, with Series 4 hopefully going online in a couple of days. We will get this place up to date, we will

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  • 6 and 7 are crap compared with 1-5 anyway, so who gives a frak if they don’t release them for region 4.

  • it may seem strange but I much prefer the region 2 covers.
    Whilst the quality of photo’s may look better on region 4, I think there’s a better continuity with logos and design on region 2. That ‘Benny Hill’ photo is truly awful(imo), although I agree the series 3 photo used is pretty rubbish.
    And those region 4 classification labels spoil everything I’ve seen them on, ludicrous idea and completely uncalled for..

  • I can’t believe that ratings thing as well. I mean, look at the series 3 cover, you’ve got ‘Sexual references. Low level violence. Low level coarse language.’ it doesn’t sound very encouraging to anyone thinking of buying it, does it? I know it’s PG, but that makes it sound a lot worse for no reason. It’s Brittas, for frak’s sake! And how exactly can you have ‘Low level coarse language’? That contradicts itself somewhat. In the UK they seem to reserve the word ‘coarse’ for language such as ‘cunt’.

  • Actually, the coarse language thing is surprising, given that the Aussies tolerate broadcast swearing far better than the Brits. I remember Richard and Judy having to apologise for Toni Collette saying ‘shit’ in an interview, and Toni being surprised because it wasn’t an issue in Australia.

  • Isn’t this just a simple case of regognition? Ok different contries, but shipped from tha same place? I have also noticed that the region 4 realeases are close up shots with no background or made so you can’t make them out. Would this have something to do with the location being copywrite? I must admit they do look better in profile, than our region 2

  • >Would this have something to do with the location being copywrite?

    Can you copyright a location? I doubt it. But even if you could, would the copyright actually forbid the owners from using it themselves on packaging to sell the product?

  • It’s an interesting concept given that we’re in the age of satelite photographs, and zoom into anywhere websites.

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