Yeah, OK, you win Andrew. Still a few bits of news we need to catch up on…

First of all, we have been remiss in not mentioning that Howard Goodall‘s new musical, Two Cities, started on the 5th, and continues until the 30th at the Sailisbury Playhouse. You can book tickets here, and listen to some samples here. I can’t afford to go at the moment, but if anyone wants to do a review, get in touch. Don’t forget that Howard’s new Channel 4 show, How Music Works, is coming this autumn – we’ll let you know when we have a broadcast date.

Meanwhile, Chris Barrie‘s site is down. Please note that:

“You should contact the site owner for any information regarding this. Due to our privacy rules we will not disclose site owners email addresses, contact details or nature of the problem affecting this site. This is a matter between and the owner of this site.”

So, I’d best go and contact the site owner… whose name and email address you haven’t given me. Thanks!

As for Robert Llewellyn, he’s posted on his forum that series 9 of Scrapheap Challenge is in the can, and will be broadcast starting January 2007, rather than having it’s usual Autumn debut. Which according to Robert is great, because “far more are watching TV in January than at the beginning of September, and as you probably know, the first few shows often get missed because it’s still sunny and light”. If I’m honest, I keep missing the show – not because I’m out enjoying the sun (heaven forbid), but just because I’m RUBBISH. Must watch it this time.

Oh, and some important breaking news: Danny John-Jules has a MySpace page. Now, why doesn’t he use the opportunity to upload the famed Storymakers outtakes he told us about at Dimension Jump? Apart from the fact that HE’D NEVER WORK AGAIN, of course.

Speaking of Dimension Jump – a sad bit of news from Pete Tyler – Mike Tucker won’t be at this year’s DJ after all -but Alan Marshall, Nick Kool and Pete himself will be there. Never mind – three hunky strapping visual effects guys will be more than enough to satisfy me. Besides, they’ll be bringing along some never-seen-before Super 8 footage Pete shot behind-the-scenes on the visual effects.

I’d like to do the “Sorry, I’ve just come” joke, but unfortunately it wouldn’t be a joke.

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  • > This should clearly have been “oh… shut up, Andrew”.

    Or, this being G&T, possibly “Oh fuck off Ellard”.

  • Because I work Jack Bauer hours I’ve often been freaked out by turning on the TV at like 5am and suddenly Robert’s there being his chirpy self in Scrapheap repeats. Nothing like Scrapheap then The Hoobs then bed, what a fruitful life. Oh wait, I forgot the wank. That woman on Scrapheap (you know, the one who isn’t Robert, Lisa something) usually does the job. Then after she’s gone home it’s just a cup of Horlicks and bed. You do realise that the word Horlicks is just basically ‘whore licks’? I mean, imagine if your name was Licks, someone asks ‘Fancy a Horlicks?’ you’d be ‘Er, what does she charge?’ and then you’d laugh, that’d never get old.


  • > Or, this being G&T, possibly “Oh fuck off Ellard”.

    Technically (I’m speaking technically here), in order to be compatible with current G&T grammatical standards, it ought to be “Fuck off Ellard, fuck.”

  • You’ve probably got some caching problems. Clear out your cache, and try again.

    If it still doesn’t work, it’s an ISP thing – give it a day or so and it’ll fix itself.


    I’m really not a Chris Barrie fangirl.

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