Craig Charles Still To Attend DJ… Still!

Latest update from James Bull, over on BTLi:

Just spoken to Craig, and I know I’m probably tempting fate, yet again! But he will be there next weekend! And will do a Q&A. Just remember this is Craig and questions of a silly nature, will be dealt with in his own special way. You have been warned!

Excellent! Only eight days in which it can go wrong…

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  1. Is this his first public appearance since the incident and subsequent arrest?

  2. G&T Admin

    I think it is!

    I hope the press keep their noses out, but I think it’s calmed down enough now.

  3. I hope he does turn up, and really sticks it to any idiots who ask him about you-know-what.

  4. G&T Admin

    I’ve got a nasty feeling the press will turn up, you know. Let’s just hope they’re incompetent and don’t find out.

    And if they do, hopefully they won’t get in!

  5. Well, they’ll need a ticket, right? that’ll stop them! ;)

    Let’s hope that nobody tries the ‘I hope you’re gorgeous’ line from season 8 smeg outs.

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