So, Craig’s reported for bail, and been “let off“, then. As in: he’s escaped court, and instead got a police caution, in return for agreeing to go into rehab. All eminently sensible, obviously – there’s no point anything else happening. I wish we still had a statement from Craig about the whole thing – but let’s face it, we’ve only got a few days to go until we get one…

No word yet about his current suspension from Corrie, or his 6 Music show – presumably decisons will be taken when he leaves rehab. It’s interesting to note, however, that 6 Music have finally replaced Craig with Eddie Piller, so they clearly don’t expect him back for a while at least.

It’s been a strange few weeks, really. We’ve not said much about the case – partly because we didn’t want to risk legal trouble as we haven’t actually had a statement from Craig yet, and partly because – well, what is there to say? The current outcome was clearly what was going to happen. In-depth discussion of the issue is largely pointless, simply because we still don’t know enough about the facts of the case. He’s obviously been a twat – but then, The Mirror hardly comes across as virtuous. Pretty much everyone comes out of the case a bit grubby. Including, sadly, some fans, whose ludicrous statements I won’t repeat here.

We obviously wish Craig all the best with it. Sort it out soon, so we can get back to bitching about you, yeah?

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  • A senior Yard source said: “We congratulate the Mirror for the high standard of its investigative reporting.”

    A “senior Yard officer”? Just fuck the fuck off you lying scumbags.

  • They’re either lying, or… we should be very scared of Scotland Yard (or Scotters, as Inspector Grim would have it). I’m not sure which is the most likely.

  • > Try again, darling. Use an “a href” tag

    Oh. Ah. Thought it was automatic…

    …or was I thinking off NTS?

    (Speaking of NTS, did you know that the Search option isn’t clickable in Safari? It treats the text box as just part of the image – click there and the site heads for the homepage.)

  • I should make it automatic on here, really. I’ll look into it. It is automatic on NTS.

    I noticed the problem with Safari when I switched to Mac, actually – I’ve been trying to figure out whether it’s my markup that’s at fault, or Safari itself. Or more likely, that the particular behaviour isn’t actually defined properly, so browsers can do what they like. Again, I’ll have a look at it.

  • Look at it this way – who’s worse, The Mirror or Craig? The Mirror are just inbelievable, not unbelievable, INbelievable. They have to resort to giving themselves a fake pat on the back to try and convince themselves that they’ve been successful in frakking someone’s life up for a headline. I’m sure Craig will be back on our screens before long, although it looks like he may have been removed from 6 Music.

  • Nice choice of photo for the article John :-)
    I didnt spot that at first, until I’d read the article
    and scrolled back up.

  • I guess it is a sensible outcome, and lets hope everything works out for him.
    On a wider issue though, whilst to give a caution the police have to have evidence of guilt as I understand it, this evidence is held for a period of time and can be used in any future court case. In theory, any future court case could involve a jury, so how come the mirror can release details of this evidence as they have done in their statement on Craig. Either the mirror have made this bit up or the police have given out certain details to the press. Having served on a jury, We were asked if we knew any details about the case in hand or any pre-concieved views on it, we didn’t, but surely if the press had released details on the case we tried, their
    lawyers could have argued the details were general knowledge. Carrying a story and
    saying someone has been cautioned is one thing and not proof of guilt in itself, but surely giving out actual details of the polices evidence seems rather suspect legally.
    Another dent in the Mirrors claim of responsible journalism, loose lips at the
    police station or does anyone cautioned wave their rights to a fair trial in any
    future court case?

  • Considering how the initial story the Mirror published on Craig read like a cheap paperback thriller such as you might purchase at the supermarket, I wouldn’t be shocked to discover that whoever wrote that had an exclusive source in the Straight Out of Their Ass police station.

    I mean, really. Craig Charles is occasionally a bit of a git, but fuck the Mirror.

  • This just reminds me of a simpsons quote-

    We should send you to prison
    Where you can’t kill or maim us
    But this is LA
    And you’re rich and famous!!

    I’m checkin’ in (He’s checkin’ in)
    I’m checkin’ in
    No more pills or alcohol,
    No more pot or demarol,
    (he’s checkin’ in)

    I’ll stop there.

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