Erm, hello. Look what we did. Movable Type is so last year, darlings.

Yes, we’ve relaunched – a day later than planned, and ridiculously unfinished, but still – after many broken promises, we’re finally back and kicking bottom. So, now all the Observation Dome team are working on just one site, what’s new in the world of G&T?

First of all, thanks to the wonders of Drupal, we now have user registration. Simply register with us, and it’s a handy way of proving who you are when commenting on the site. You don’t have to register in order to post comments, mind – although you’ll get an ‘unregistered’ by your name. You can also choose to fill in a few details about yourself and make a profile – note that this certainly isn’t obligatory, and is simply there as an option if you want to let people know more about you. Needless to say, as last time, we won’t distribute your email out to third parties – unless you deliberately choose to use your G&T login to access other Drupal-powered sites, as detailed in your confirmation email. You can also allow people to contact you through this site using your profile, if you enable it. Oh: and there’s now avatars!

But don’t think we’ve just included user registration so you can have authenticated comments. There’s already a poll that you can only vote in if you’re logged-in – but we have a lot of things lined up in the next few months. We’re like interactive telly! Only good.

Then, there’s tags. Instead of the rigid sections that G&T used to have, we now tag each news item and article with a number of terms, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. (Oh, and you also now comment directly onto the articles, rather than a seperate page.) A lot of our old content isn’t tagged up yet – that’ll come with time. (If you need to access the old site, go to

In fact, if you poke around too far, you’ll see things are a bit of a mess here. And there. And everywhere. We’re going through fixing things, so don’t worry – we just reckoned that you’d prefer it if we were up and about and doing new content rather than obsessing on getting all the old stuff sorted before launch.

Ah yes, new content – Wrinkles. Specifically, two episodes of Wrinkles available for download. Go and get them, and come back and tell us what you think. We haven’t had a scoop like this since, oooh, I dunno.

So. The new G&T. Not perfect yet, but back and posting crap about Red Dwarf. Remember when we did that? Let us know what you think below. And keep an eye out for some very special stuff coming up in the coming months. We might even start being more than desperately shit. I can’t convey how excited I am about the site – literally, it’s four in the morning and my brains are leaking out my ears – but I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and thanks to monkeyson for doing some last-minute IE testing for me. Any problems, and it’s HIS FAULT.

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