It’s a classic vehicle, Craig

Chris Barrie. Classic cars. And pages 60-62 of the October edition of magazine Practical Classics:

Chris Barrie in Practical Cars magazine - page 1 Chris Barrie in Practical Cars magazine - page 2 Chris Barrie in Practical Cars magazine - page 1

With many thanks to Jonsmad for the scans. It’s a rare insight into a slightly more personal side of Chris Barrie – who knew he used to be head boy? I bet he was a fucking scary one too.

Chris is actually writing a column for the magazine starting from the next issue – so if anyone from the legal department of Practical Classics is reading this, view this at an extended advert…


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  1. Wow, the very first car I owned was a Wolseley 1500 in ‘solid grey’, bought for ?20 and a moped, it lived in my Dads garage for 12 months and never made it onto the road with me at the wheel. The backseat did however serve a purpose on occasion.
    The chap who bought it off me had it renovated and painted the same livery as Chris’s. Ah memories eh…

  2. …wait, Chris Barrie writes, too? As if I needed another reason to go all swoony over him. Now, if you’ll excuse me while I go and do so…

    Also, you linkied to me. **giggleblush** Dawwww, thanks.

  3. That is so cool and amazing and neat and I can’t understand a single word of it but it’s Chris Barrie so it has to be great! **gasp**

    …Okay, I’ve calmed down now. =P

    edit for great justice: But seriously, he’s a really good writer. Even if I can’t understand half of what he’s banging on about, he’s managed to make the other half fairly accessible.

    **giggle** Still, the thought of Chris Barrie swearing…

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