Here’s an interesting fact. Did you know that was registered before August 1996 – that is, before Nominet, the current .uk registrar, was even formed? (Registrations were originally done by a group called the ‘Naming Committee’.) Ah, forward-thinking, those Grant Naylor guys…

Onto TOS updates, then:

DJ REPORT: Hooray! Although he does miss out on the drunken midnight walk partaken by G&T members on Saturday night DO YOU SEE WE GOT DRUNK SO WE’RE REALLY COOL. An excellent report, anyway – it really was an extra-brilliant DJ, and Craig Charles really was wonderful – he managed to undo eight years of bad feelings in a single hour.

JUST THE SHOWS VOLUME 2: Coming out in Region 2 on Monday, everyone. And the Region 4 release date has also been announced – November 2nd. We’ll have a review for you as soon as possible – and yes, we’ll find plenty to write about.

BEAT THE GEEK POSTER: We already knew about the Duane headknocker, but the big news is that Virgin will be selling copies including posters. Given how brilliant the cover art is,┬áthis is marvellous news – and a handy way of making sure some people will buy the release twice, of course…

CZECH VIII: Those menu designs really are lovely. I’d really like to know why all all the other international releases got rid of the logo on the spine – surely all it can do is increase sales by anal fans who want the whole thing? Why not have it on there?

We should have the first of our Dwarfcasts from DJ published over the weekend. I was present during some of the editing Thursday night, and I can happily confirm that we had to edit shitloads out to avoid being completely ostracised by every single person in the Red Dwarf fan community. Hooray for our hatred of everyone and everything.

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  • >Hooray for our hatred of everyone and everything.

    It’s what makes Ganymede and Titan special! That and the frequent use of profanity.

  • Fuck yeah! Provided it’s given a strong and elaborate enough story, I think such a thing could be very good indeed–possibly even (if we allow my wild conjecture) good enough to appeal to non-fans of RD. I’m not sure what the odds are of a story so great happening (**hackcoughSeriesVII&VIIIcoughhack**), but goodness knows it’s possible. I mean, fuck the graphics, just give me a great story with adequate measures of humor and tragedy, and a reasonably interactive environment, and I’m a happy lil’ gamer.

  • >”Although he does miss out on the drunken midnight walk partaken by G&T members on Saturday night DO YOU SEE WE GOT DRUNK SO WE’RE REALLY COOL.”

    Forgot to ask John, how’s that nettle sting doing? :oP

  • Not too bad! I checked the next morning and I couldn’t even find them.

    If I’d had one more drink I would have got stung on my cock, though.

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