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  1. You lucky bastards. You lucky, lucky bastards. I suppose the folks at the website making this miraculous offer wouldn’t believe me, would they, if I tried to convince them that Washington State actually lies just outside London?

  2. >Are they selling child prostitutes on the side to make the numbers up, or something?

    Aww, can’t I have both?

  3. This is also quite good from them, if you like Eddie Izzard that is –

    Eddie Izzard ā€“ Definite Article/Unrepeatable/Glorious/Dressed To Kill/Circle/Sexie ā€“ (Six Discs)

    I once shared a mirror with Eddie Izzard in Top Shop, he was trying on ladies hats.

  4. Don’t let my sister find out – she plunked down unspeakable money for it for me last Christmas, LOL …

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