Yeah, Maid Marian Series 3 has started to be listed. The release date given is 23rd October; as usual, that could easily change.

Broadcast at the start of 1993, Series 3 consists of the usual six episodes – see here for an episode guide. So far, extras we know of are: the usual booklet, a commentary (let’s hope Play are wrong on that, and we get more than one…), and the Christmas special.

The inclusion of the Christmas Special is interesting – I always assumed that it was made as part of Series 4, as it was broadcast just days before the start of it. However, the episode guide I link to above indicates that it was actually shot in and originally scheduled for 1992 – but broadcast a year later. Its inclusion in this release rather than Series 4 would seem to bear this out.

Hilariously, when I tried to search for the release at, I couldn’t find any of the releases on there – not even Series 1 or 2. Doing a bit more investigating, this is because they think the series is called Maid Marion. What a sterling business they must run. Almost as professional as us, in fact.

We should have reviews of Series 1 and 2 for you shortly, incidentally. I’m breaking my two-month-long ban on buying DVDs, simply for you lot. Aren’t I generous and not just using that as an excuse definitely not thanks bye.

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