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Maid Marian - Series 3 dvd cover

Yeah, Maid Marian Series 3 has started to be listed. The release date given is 23rd October; as usual, that could easily change.

Broadcast at the start of 1993, Series 3 consists of the usual six episodes – see here for an episode guide. So far, extras we know of are: the usual booklet, a commentary (let’s hope Play are wrong on that, and we get more than one…), and the Christmas special.

The inclusion of the Christmas Special is interesting – I always assumed that it was made as part of Series 4, as it was broadcast just days before the start of it. However, the episode guide I link to above indicates that it was actually shot in and originally scheduled for 1992 – but broadcast a year later. Its inclusion in this release rather than Series 4 would seem to bear this out.

Hilariously, when I tried to search for the release at, I couldn’t find any of the releases on there – not even Series 1 or 2. Doing a bit more investigating, this is because they think the series is called Maid Marion. What a sterling business they must run. Almost as professional as us, in fact.

We should have reviews of Series 1 and 2 for you shortly, incidentally. I’m breaking my two-month-long ban on buying DVDs, simply for you lot. Aren’t I generous and not just using that as an excuse definitely not thanks bye.

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  1. That sounds like it could be quite good. It’s in a museum at night, like The Da Vinci Code…

  2. G&T Admin

    Does anyone want to take bets on whether will list this as Maid Marion Series 3 when they list this?

    I am such a smug twat considering… well, my face.

  3. G&T Admin

    An interview with Adam Morriss, aka Robin of Kensington. A good read, although it’s irritating when they get the wrong year at the start of the article, which doesn’t give you confidence in their opinion of children’s telly at the time.


    “So the release of this DVD must surely fuel this nostalgia? “To be honest, no. This DVD slightly upsets me really as although the series is great and I want people to see it, I suspect that that nostalgia will disappear if the series becomes readily available today at the push of the button, which saddens me.”

    Yes, because clearly nostalgia is far more important than people being able to actually watch the thing. I know he pretty much admits that, but it’s still stupid.

  4. G&T Admin

    Series 3 has just been POSTED. Hooray!

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