A roundup of various bits of merchandise news we’ve missed since we’ve been away, then. Probably the last roundup we’ll ever do – with the new system, we’ll be able to keep you up-to-date on things as they happen. No more waiting for that invaluable link to a TOS article that you’ve already read.

BEAT THE GEEK: Wireframe menu transitions! And not just pictures – but a lovely example (test) movie! I knew they would be lovely as soon as I heard what they were planning, but to see it in action is something else – it’s stunning. And the perfect example of what budgetary (budgerigar) considerations can do for inspiration – I’m sure it wouldn’t look any better fully-rendered.

Also: check out the wireframe graphic of the whole ship. That is the original design of Red Dwarf, not the Re-mastered/VIII model. This makes me quite scarily happy.

REGION 1 BOXSET: Out today! (1989? Fuck off.) As a certain Mr. ‘Turkish’ says: “Funny Sci-Fi cheeseyness as only the Brits could deliver it.” You can’t get a better recommendation than that. Red Dwarf is just synonymous with cheese, clearly.

CZECH VII: Meanwhile, tomorrow sees the release of the delayed VII in the Czech Republic. No extras, new animated menus, the usual drill. Obviously the discs are selling well over there for them to keep releasing each series; let’s hope they’re selling well enough that they’ll get versions with extras at some point.

NEW T-SHIRTS: No concrete news on these yet – just a mention from Andrew on the Webboard that “we should have some T-shirt news fairly soon”. I’m excited about this though – I have now grown too fat for all my Dwarf t-shirts except the skutter one – which is stained a worrying shade of yellow.


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    The same happened to mine, actually. Have you been pissing on my t-shirt whilst I wasn’t looking?

  • Judging from where the yellow marks are, it could well be sweat, which doesn’t say much for the quality of the garments.

  • Actually, that’s very likely. The quality of the material never struck me as being the best. Shame, really, because it’s by far the best design a Red Dwarf t-shirt has ever had.

  • > Probably the last roundup we’ll ever do

    Once seen, THEN believed. :-)

    > a lovely example (test) movie!

    Three, in fact.

  • Good grief, as a rabid reader of the Friday updates, I cant believe I missed the ‘demo’ films…
    They are lovely, and I felt, had an Whoesque feel to them, splendid…

  • > Good grief, as a rabid reader of the Friday updates, I cant believe I missed the ‘demo’ films…

    Well these things happen when you have rabies. :-)

  • > It strikes me that I forgot to mention the exciting calendar news in this article. We’re so good at websites.

    So good, in fact, that when you find a story that’s not been covered you post a comment instead of, y’know, going off and writing the story. :-)

    Shame. I’d hoped for lots of unfounded conjecture on what the spoof posters would be. (Plus, y’know, I already let a few slip on the Webboard.) We’re gonna run the full set this Friday on rd.co.uk. You WILL want to pre-order when you see ’em.

  • Rabies indeed, people have mentioned the froth around my chin area though it is a grey goatee, honest…

    I did have a pop at doing some unfounded conjecture re the calendar, but as always, lost myself along the way in a sea of non required pondering.

  • Probably should have done an article. But I hate reporting on stuff that everyone knows by now, and I had an educated guess that we’d get more info this Friday…

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