To celebrate today’s launch of Grant Naylor Production’s Beat The Geek Ganymede & Titan are proud to present Beat The Twats, your chance to tackle 20 of our pedantic, pathetic questions and win REAL PRIZES.


First prize is a copy of Beat The Geek, coutesy of the very excellent people at 2|entertain and Grant Naylor Productions. However, if you’re RUBBISH at Dwarf then you still have a chance to pick up one of our excellent runners-up prizes. Second place will recieve a copy of Red Dwarf VII on DVD (signed by us. We’re being ironic, honestly), and third place will bag you the actual nose peg worn by The Duke of Manchester in The Movie: Yeah, No, Yeah, No. I can sense you’re quivering with excitement.

Beat The Twats will run for two weeks (closing midnight on Sunday 5th November) and the winners will be informed on Monday 6th. More detailed rules can be found on the mini-site, anyway.

Good luck, everyone!

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  • It seems like it’s worth mentioning (as I can’t expet everyone to read the about page) that if you want to have any chance of winning anything we need a legitimate email address. and fdadsds@dsds.og are not valid email addresses. It seems a shame you’ve taken the time for the quiz but then totally ruined any chances you have to win something. If you’re one of those people, feel free to re-enter with proper email addresses.

  • You really are trying to think up questions that the only people who can answer are the G&T crew, no?

  • > You really are trying to think up questions that the only people who can answer are the G&T crew, no?

    Yup. Shame none of us can enter the competition, really!

  • Well, yes. That’s the idea of “beating” us. We set hard questions. If you get them right, that means you’ve beaten us and you win the prize.

  • Your quiz is unnecessarily difficult. I’m most impressed. There was a time when I’d give Capps a whooping at Red Dwarf quizzes – well fluke a narrow victory – but I’m pretty sure those days have long since passed me by.

    Do go easy mind, I resisted the temptation to just look everything up in Google. A move for which I now feel slightly more smug than if I’d used that fantastic portal to knowledge and still failed humiliatingly.

  • Gahh that was SOLID! I read all the novels again this year so I think I’ve done alright on those questions. Guessed quite a few of the really TWATTY questions though. Still, what do I care? I’m SO gonna win the ?5000!*bullshit mode cancel*

  • Question 3 is a bit iffy, isn’t it? Does Norman Lovett ‘feature’ in Back in the Red part 2, even as just a one line voiceover?

    I’d say ‘yes, obviously’, but I’ve seen trivia that states he’s not *in* the episode.

  • Well, I tried. (Yes, even though I’m a Yank. That’s not the point.) By the way–just read through the novels recently and it’s spelled “Reketrebn”. So there =P .

  • Perhaps I should also point out that it’s not signed by all the cast and crew :P Least of all the person who came up with the competition in the first place…

  • I should probably point out that the Ellard question actually features four things that I DID write for…but one WAS uncredited and unmentioned because the quantity was so pitifully small. Remind me post-quiz and I’ll explain.

  • >I should probably point out that the Ellard question actually features four things that I DID write for

    How would YOU know?

  • Excellent number of entries so far, by the way. there’s still some very noticeable gaps, though…

    I’ll say that one person in particular has done brilliantly, but no one had yet got 20/20, so GO FOR IT! (And not you, Kirk, you’ve seen the answers :P)

    (You may want to read Last human first, though… I never noticed it before launch, but that book was certainly on our minds at the time of writing the questions…)

  • Hmm, it won’t let me log in and post under my normal username… odd!!

    Hmmm, well anyway! :o/ Well I’ve given it a go, but pretty much guessed most of it!! :oS

  • …so posting all that ad-shit once wasn’t enough?

    Anyroad up, whenever one of you big, strong runs-the-site-types wants to clean this up, that’d be fine.

  • I just guessed most of them.

    On top of that, the last bit of text reads ‘Beat the Geek’ not ‘Beat the Twats’. Might wanna sort that out. Sorry, I do a lot of proof reading at work and pick up on shite like that.

  • This weekend is your last chance to enter, everyone!

    Once the compo is closed, I’m moving servers – so hopefully the problems with commenting will disappear.

  • > I fully expect a prize when I come in last place!

    Hehe, yeah, but if we give you a prize then all the other people in last place might accuse us of favouritism! There are lots of you…

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