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That’s DwarfCasts. Not PodCasts like you and Skeletor think.

So, here we are. The much mentioned DwarfCasts have finally been launched. If all goes to plan we’ll be releasing a Cast every week. Aren’t you hugely lucky?

To start off we give you this:

DwarfCast 1 – DJXIII Byte 1 (9.11MB)

Byte 1 covers Friday night, with ‘insightful’ comments from us inter-cut with coverage of Chris Barrie’s Q&A session. Expect Saturday and Sunday to be covered in Bytes 2 and 3, which will be released in the next few weeks.

At the moment we’re operating the sophisticated distribution system of just giving you the link to the file, but soon we’ll be implementing a proper WebCast system including audio feeds for your subscription pleasure.

Anyway, enjoy, and look out for Byte 2 next week.

13 comments on “DwarfCast 1 – DJXIII Byte 1

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  • Wonderful. Nicely edited. Allthough I’m dissapointed you’ve cut out Chris Barries mistaking Ian for a girl.

  • I believe Byte Two is coming at some point between now and the end of the weekend. It’ll be a special bumper edition covering both Saturday and Sunday though, because our Sunday coverage was a bit poor…

  • Yeah, sorry about the delay. We’ll be more regular when we start producing Casts which need little to no editing…

  • The first cast was excellent. Though I couldnt care less about the printing mistakes in the programme guide, the rest was entertaining.

    Cant wait for the 2nd one.

  • I’m just glad people liked it! I thought people might not be able to put up with actually *hearing* our smug cuntiness.

  • > Though I couldnt care less about the printing mistakes in the programme guide, the rest was entertaining.

    Yeah, I’m afraid that’s one of the biggest bees currently in our collective bonnet. It’s certainly more than a few printing errors, though, it’s just complete lack of care.

  • It is true, however, that (apart from perhaps the location of the hotel, and the placement of the karaoke), it’s pretty much the *only* criticism we had of DJ this year.

    I think the second half has virtually no moans whatsoever. Which is fucking amazing for us, and just shows how ridiculously well the event went this year…

    But yeah, the booklet does annoy me. It’s just not a good first impression as much as anything else.

  • Not wanting to drag this booklet thing out or anything, but the reason I was *so* pissed off about it was that it made *my* writing read like complete shit, and made it look like *I* was a complete twat.

  • Sorry about the wait (if anyone cares) but it looks like Byte 2 will have to be published either tomorrow or more likely on Tuesday morning as the editing is taking longer than I anticipated, finding time to *do* the editing has been harder than anticipated, and I *still* don’t have proper net access at home, so uploading it will have to be done from work.

    All future Casts will be released on time, though, as we won’t have to do ANY editing in those.

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