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I have so many things to apologise for.

Sorry for this being late. Sorry for it being too long. Sorry for forgetting to record Hattie’s Q&A session. Sorry for the odd occasion where you hear me MOVING THE MIC AROUND. Sorry that you can hear the hard drive on my MP3 player revving up every 10 seconds during Q&A sessions. Sorry for talking during the last part of the Casts despite having no voice what-so-ever. Oh, additional: sorry to take up your valuable time. Sorry. Thank you. Sorry. Bye. Bye. Sorry. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

DwarfCast 2 – DJXIII Byte 2 (15.8MB)

In addition to Hattie’s absence due to my INCOMPETENCE you may also notice the distinct lack of Craig Charles. This is because he requested that any recordings should be kept private which, considering the very personal nature of his appearance, is completely understandable.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the second and final part of the Ganymede & Titan DJ XIII DwarfCasts. From this point on you will able to set your watch by us, as we’ll be releasing a new Cast every other weekend, most probably starting with myself and Seb Patrick commenting on the episode Balance of Power on 28th October.

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  • >I have so many things to apologise for.

    Yes, we know, but what about the DwarfCasts?
    BWAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh…oh, I slay me.

  • Also, sorry, but – you seem to have forgotten to make the whole thing mono; the Q&As only come out on the left hand side, which makes it quite difficult to listen to with earphones… it could just be that you need to paste the sound from the left channel to the right, or something…

  • Shitty fucking death. I thought it did that automatically. Bah, this is what happens when you do things in a rush when you’re supposed to be working…

    If you’re bothered, you’ll be able to re-download the file at 14:15 and it’ll be fixed.

  • Actually, that didn’t take as long as I expected. The mono version is now up.

    The monoification seems to have pushed the volume up a bit and made certain bits peak where they didn;t before, so I apologise for that, but I don’t have time to fix it. It isn’t a big problem, though.

  • Plus not one of you remembered that Holly gag properly:

    H – HH: And remember ? you could win a no-expenses-paid trip to Jupiter! Get all the answers right and you could be heading deep into space.
    H -NL: Prize does not include flights or accommodation…

    Best piece of Holly footage, though? Norman in a Hattie wig. No question. :-)

  • I *knew* you’d pick us up on that! I tried to remember it properly at the time and couldn’t. It’s a great joke.

    And the way he delivers that line is just perfect – in an completely unexpected way, but perfect for the character.

  • The bit I laughed most at was Norman’s bored face as the audio clips were being played. That was brilliant.

  • I do love that bit – because it’s the *perfect* example of the amount of thought that’s gone into the production of the release.

  • > Plus not one of you remembered that Holly gag properly:

    I did remember the similar joke in The Simpsons, though…

  • Didn’t see the Simpsons one – but there’s also a variation of it in Nightingales, series two. And in…gah, well, some other show I saw about 8 weeks ago.

    Nothing original in the world…

  • It wasn’t a criticism, it’s still a great gag. There’s only a finite number of basic jokes in the world, and the rest are all variations on them. Little Britain don’t bother with the variation.

  • I can’t believe it’s only a few days to go before release. It’s crept up on us somewhat…

    I am excited. Me and Tanya will probably play with each other on Monday night ha ha ha like some sex.

  • I’ve got to wait til Wednesday, cos I don’t get paid til then.

    Unles Cappsy’s buying it, of course. Haha, bonus of living with a fellow G&Ter!

  • > Unles Cappsy’s buying it, of course. Haha, bonus of living with a fellow G&Ter!

    So that’ll be ALL the Geek questions played by the end of day one, then…

  • I’m looking forward to the comments on Balance of Power. Apart from the odd dodgy moment (and the excess of grey (or ‘gray’ if you live somewhere that’s at least 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time)), series 1 is STELLAR. Watching the first two series’ is like revisiting an old friend, but NOT one that never phones, emails or texts you because they can’t be arsed with you and you can’t be arsed with them, I’m talking about proper old friends that have mutual respect for each other even though one of them went on to be considerrrrabbbly rricheer than yaaaaaaou and one of them didn’t. I’m trying to form an analogy here but it ain’t working because I’m stupid. What I mean is the first two series always feel more like the REAL series to me more than anything else, even though III, IV and V are probably better than series 1. V certainly is.

    Some of you out there hate series 1, or at least have a dislike of it. It depends when and/or/and how you got into Dwarf in the first place, also it depends on how many brain cells you have and how adept they are at spotting genius when they ‘see’ it (I’m talking about people who like VII and VIII more than the rest). Anyway, this is how I see the series’ split –

    1 & 2
    III & IV & V
    VII & VII

    The reason I have VI seperate is that IMO it’s in a world of it’s own. I’m starting to think it has more out-and-out crap episodes than VIII even. Rimmerworld (rehashed ideas and crap gags apart from ‘or we could use the teleporter’ which, despite being in one of my all-time worst-favourite eps, is one of my all-time favourite Dwarf gags), Legion (I just don’t like it), Psirens (crap), Emohawk (some redeeming features but overall it’s a rehash with crap moments).

  • By the way, I’m not on drugs, despite the mentalness of the previous post strongly suggesting so…

  • I was with you up until you decided that VI has more crap episodes than VIII. I think the show lost its way slightly with series VI, but Legion has to be the funniest ever episode.

  • I’ve just realised that Balance of Power isn’t the first commentary at all, but in fact Thanks for the Memory. I was having a bad day yesterday.

  • Basically, never listen to a thing I say, because there’s a high chance I’ll be WRONG.

  • So if you can’t rely on a single thing Capps says ‘cos it’s wrong, that means what he just said is wrong, which means he’s right, he’s right that he’s always wrong, which means–

    Hear that? That was the sound of my mind being blown, man.

  • > Fear not Sir, I have a cunning plan.

    Karl, I’m not going to have sex with you.

    Oh, ok then.

  • I don’t believe you. We need photographic evidence, in close-up detail, on the site by tonight.

  • > but Legion has to be the funniest ever episode


    Whast the hell’s wrong with the posting?

  • Yes, I’m occasionally getting error message too – but it’s intermittent.

    If anyone gets them, could you mail me a copy of the message along with what page you were on to admin@ganymede.tv?

  • “I?m starting to think [series VI] has more out-and-out crap episodes than VIII even.”

    This is quite fully wrong, and the reason is this: the “rehashing” argument towards series VI is only legitimate when every episode is placed in relation to those in prior series. On its own, an episode of VI is funny. VI can be viewed as slightly formulaic, granted, but again, taking each episode on its own discounts this problem, where they are all generally very funny. Whereas every episode on its own in series VIII is TERRIBLE, and even each and every scene in series VIII is TERRIBLE. The comparison of series VI with VIII is precisely this: “inventive” against “infantile” in every department. Yes, I have helped; you are welcome.

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