Ta to Steve Harris, who’s reminded us about this year’s Memorabilia show – on over the weekend of the 25th-26th November, at the usual NEC Birmingham. Ticket prices are here.

This is interesting for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Norm, Hattie and Danny will be there, signing copies of Beat the Geek. (Watch out for our Dwarfcast on that over the weekend; and there’ll be one of my usual tediously-long reviews up on Monday.)

Secondly – there will be showings of the first episode of Starhyke on both days, along with a Q&A session with creator/writer Andrew Dymond, producer/writer Jonathan G Brown, and cast members – and compered by Danny John-Jules! (Who should be very good at it, if his performances at DJ are anything to go by.) The episode was screened at the Cult TV Festival last weekend, so the “exclusive” tag is nothing but a complete lie – but this is a prime opportunity to see it and make an informed judgement on the show.

Incidentally, that article on the Memorabilia site mentions Homeboys in Outer Space – a series I’ve heard being called a rip-off of Red Dwarf before. I think a bit of investigating needs doing…

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  • “Homeboys in Outer Space”, is it? Well, lemme tell you about my Wiki’s investigating feet…

    Now, perhaps it’s not an exact rip-off of RD, but it seems close in places, from what I’ve read here…

  • I’ve got a feeling he’ll be really good at it. Slightly ramshackle, but good. He’s always entertaining at DJ.

    Sadly, I can’t go. Need. Some. Money. Although my business should be starting up next week (the last few things are slotting into place, finally) – so if anyone wants a website designed – for cash, but I’m very reasonable – let me know.

    A pathetically-obvious and irrelevant plug, there.

  • > (the last few things are slotting into place, finally)

    Stop that and do some work!

  • Incidentally, I may go to this. I’ve never been to one before, and I feel that I’m missing out.

  • >Homeboys in Outer Space – a series I’ve heard being called a rip-off of Red Dwarf before.

    Jesus goodness. I’ve actually seen this show. And never before did I think that experience would come in handy. (Nor did I ever expect to admit to it.)

    It was a show on the then-fledgling WB network…back when they used to put absolutely anything at all on the air in order to be a network. I think they still do it that way, to be honest…

    Anyway, it was complete horsecrap. A ripoff of Dwarf? It never crossed my mind. Then again, I’ve only seen one episode (not all the way through) and trailers for others. The jokes were mainly based around outerspace blacks acting like inner-city blacks in the most offensive, stereotyped way possible. Just like Dwarf!

    A sample joke might have run along the lines of:

    ALIEN: Welcome to my planet, Earthling.
    HOMEBOY: Daaaaaayyyyammmmm y’alls got a big ass!

    Then the canned laughter would go nuts.

    A specific “joke” I remember from a trailer was this (though I’m sure my phrasing is off).

    HOMEBODY 1: Yo, I made it with a chick last night.
    HOMEBODY 2: Oh no you didn’t!
    (Huge ugly alien emerges from bunk room with a robe on.)
    HOMEBOYS: Daaaaaaaaayyyyyyaammmmmm!

    Then they exchange high fives.

    Dwarf should sue for the way Homeboys burgled their series VIII scriptbook like that.

  • I’ve been keeping an eye on the site as my youngest daughter wants to go, so there’s every chance of me going again…

    One word of caution though, the last two years have shown up several cancellations, one or two only announced on the day, so it pays to keep an eye out…

    Last year was advertised as Tom Bakers last ever signing, so it stands to reason he’s there this year as well…….!

  • >Incidentally, I may go to this. I’ve never been to one before, and I feel that I’m missing out.

    If you are definitely going let me know and oyu might get yourself a lift. Was thinking of going now i know them free are there. If you want to let me know.

  • The Fan Club, could be in there in person again. I’m working to see if we can get on the same table as “The Holly’s”

  • Another Homeboys in Outer Space memory came to me last night, but my connection was acting up…

    I think it was from a trailer. Apparantly one of the homeboys entered into some agreement whereby a distant clause was that they’d have to have intercourse with a 900 year old woman, or some such crap. Needless to say the homeboys were skeptical…until a beautiful black woman came through the door and was revealed to be the 900 year old woman in question.

    He probly got a big boner.

  • There’s some really interesting stuff going on this year, Jackie from Doctor Who, Starhyke, The Corgi 50 year road show, Leslie Philips etc etc.
    This could be a realy good day out…

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