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  • Hmm. Should Kryten’s several “smeee heeee”s count? Technically, he’s not really saying the word.

    Still, this is useful in one of the questions on Beat The Twats.

  • Apparently there are some red Dwarf Fan Films on tube of You. One of them was a ‘Drum and Bass’ cut of all different red dwarf clips, now i’m not one for criticising one’s lack of musical knowledge, but that was just drums and bass, not Drum and Bass… and the timing was awful… your Fan film was mentioned in the comments section…

  • Lol!
    I’ve always done them like that, never really noticed it was odd!

    :o) :) :-)

    I think he looks better with a little round nose!

  • ‘In-smeggin’-credible’ is still one of my favourite moments in the series. Obviously I know it’s just a straightforward effect from 17 years ago but I don’t give a SMEG. Name me another sitcom that has done that.

  • It’s interesting to note that Series VI appears to have the least ‘smeg’s. There are only about six of them, whilst all the other series have got like, 5 per episode or so.

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