Wednesday 25th October. BBC London. The Jono and Jo Breakfast Show. And: Norm and “Hattie” as guests.

Fucking useless.

A few points:

  • Interviews are not hard. They involve asking your guests interesting questions, and then letting them respond with interesting answers. It does not involve asking them rubbish questions, and then not letting them get a word in edgeways.
  • Also: it helps to have done a bit of research into what you’re talking about first, rather than talking a load of bullshit. The phrase “They asked you to read the part of Dead Dave”, whilst the funniest thing I have heard all week, actually just shows you’re an incompetent presenter.
  • The name of the song at the end of Blue is commonly known as the Rimmer Munchkin Song, or variations of such. It has never been known as Rimmerworld.
  • About the one positive thing you can say about the interview is that they avoided the usual SF fan cliches. Unfortunately, they instead made up a brand new one – we all have lots of piercings, apparently.
  • Basically – BBC London, put a couple of presenters on the air who either a) Have something to say, or b) Are funny. Like, for instance, Chris Moyles, although I’m well aware that I’m the only person who thinks he’s great around here.


25 comments on “It makes good radio this, doesn’t it?

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  • > Although I’m well aware that I’m the only person who thinks he’s great around here

    Actually, I think he’s a teriffic DJ…

  • YES! Finally!

    I think he’s fucking wonderful. Really funny, and with such an infectious *joy* of radio, which you don’t hear in a lot of DJs. I think he’s just very easily misconstrued.

  • I think I should mention that I’m a Moyles fan, although I understand that me and John are virtually interchangable when it comes to opinions…

  • Have you emailed them with your comments John?

    I don’t mind Chris Moyles actually – used to hate him when he was on in the afternoons but since he started the breakfast show I find him quite funny (if a little irritating at times)

    This last week or so however has not been good with the replacement of Chris (on holiday) by Scott Mills – GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would mail BBC London with my views, but I don’t think they’d listen to me as I’m, erm, pierced scum apparently.

  • Pierced scum? Bah, pay them no mind. We think you’re only clip-on scum.

    By the way, are you sure he’s not just confusing stereotypes, as opposed to making up a whole new one for the “skiffy weirdos”?

    edit for great justice: In other news, I think I know where he got “reading for the part of Dead Dave”. From Norm’s own site, the Red Dwarf page:

    I read the “Dead Dave” scene and it was very funny. A few days later they offered me the part.

    I mean, it’s lazy as fuck, but at least it’s not pulled-straight-out-of-his-ass weird anymore. (Well, not to me at any rate.)

  • I dont care, I’m not having my penis pierced for anyone…
    If that means I’m not a true fan, so be it…
    Are ‘clip ons’ allowed?

  • Note: re the test post.

    I’ve noticed on a few occasions I cant post, a message similar to the one I emailed pops up at the top of the page.
    After 3 attmpts to post, I closed the page and re-entered…
    It now seems to work fine…

  • Loads of people call it ‘Rimmerworld’. Even the cast do on the commentary somewhere, if I’m not mistaken (although you can’t trust them in general, they who can’t tell the difference between a 2D blur and a model shot).

  • Moyles is a fat bloated git, that talks for hours about his own little world. I find him the most unfunny DJ Radio 1 has ever had. His sidekick chirping in the background is a flat as a pancake. Just play the music for god sake!!!!

  • The thing is – I don’t really *want* music at that time in the morning. A breakfast show presenter isn’t *there* to play music. He’s there to entertain and be amusing.

    I think he’s hilarious so he really works for me, but if you don’t find him funny then you’re not going to like him. I just find it very difficult to dislike someone who gives off such a sense of *joy* of the medium of radio – I think that’s quite rare, and a very underrated skill.

    I can’t see what being fat has to do with it though…

  • “It’s Monday night, it’s G&T server changeover night. Okay, take it away, skutters…”

    Also, Moyles is a teriffic technical DJ. The whole show flows beautifully, with only just the right level of chaos. So often technical proficiency comes at the expense of humour or improvisation. His show brings both. (Al Murray’s Virgin show, for example, makes me chuckle, but is technically inept.)

    And while I’m often unimpressed at the ‘ironic’ faux-misogyny (and his use of ‘gay’ as derogatory; in popular use or not, I don’t care for it), there is, as John says, just such a sense of joy. He revels in the medium. I don’t doubt that Dave is the comedic brains, but together…it’s great radio. And my only remaining problem with the show is when the Radio 1 playlist interrupts!

    It’s all a taste and personality thing, of course; and, on top of that, if talk radio isn’t your thing, you’re best off elsewhere. Still, I defy anyone to find it easy to hate something as daftly funny as the ‘Little Chris Myoles Show’.

  • I can’t actually get through the day without Chris Moyles, gawd bless ‘im.

    On topic, I actually have 11 piercings at the moment, but used to have more. So maybe it is true.

  • It must be just me then? I just don’t like his persona. And the times he is on the TV, just makes it worse. Radio in the morning is usually heard, well by me, in a car, or in the work place, both of these situations don’t merit a funny comedy show, as most of the time, it gets interupted by traffic or a work related annoyance. So most of it’s lost, rendering the point he’s trying to get across unheard. I can’t actually sit down and listen to the man. He’s the Toaster, a chirpy breakfast compainion who delivers light droll, and needs hitting with a 14lb lump hammer.

  • I’m not a Moyles fan, but dont dislike him as I used to.
    He’s usualy on in the house as the kids out vote me, but I’m afraid it’s Wogan and Radio 2 for me.

  • Personally, can’t do with Chris Moyles. I think he’s just someone that can dish out dirt but not take it. One thing that really sticks in my mind is when he was once on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Mark Lemar was having quick jibes at him and he became an extremely petulant child. Also, as a gay man myself, his use of the word as a derogatory term is quite irritating.

    Oh, I’m having all 550,000 piercings removed at the clinic next week…

  • Jeremy Vine is one of only three bad things about Radio 2, the others being Sarah Kennedy and Steve Wright.

  • Much as I like Moyles, I can’t say I’m hugely impressed with his use of the term gay in the context he meant it. He clearly didn’t mean it offensively and there was no malice behind it, but it’s not a great thing to say. But I can’t hold one thing against him when he does so much else right. People complain about him being offensive in other ways, but I can’t hear any of it…

    It’s interesting that Russell T Davis defends his use of the term ‘gay’ in Rose in a Doctor Who Magazine I’ve got. I’ll try and dig it out.

  • I was impressed with Moyles’ baiting of the phone in quiz show presenters yeaterday
    :oD that was funny!

    Looks like you set off a trend Cappsy and Ian :0)

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