Just a quickie for you – I’ve contacted the Discovery Channel, and Chris Barrie’s Massive Speed is due to start on Discovery “weekdays from the 4th December at 20.30”. Massive Engines was shown daily, wheras Massive Machines was shown weekly; looks like this series is going back to the daily route for its first showing.

That is all. Richard Hammond joke not included.

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  • Whenever people used to say that joke to me about Ayrton Senna, I’d reply “Well actually, Ayrton didn’t have skid marks on his helmet. He in fact had a small hole in his helmet, caused by a tiny piece of suspension arm that pierced the helmet with the effect of a bullet, entering his skull just above the eye and penetrating directly into the brain”.

    That used to shut them up.

  • But of course, Ayrton Senna died from his injuries whereas Richard Hammond seems to be recovering well and even his colleagues are cracking jokes about him…
    It was the same with Marc Bolan ending up on the radio etc
    I guess you can disect any joke in the same way, but nobody likes a smart arse ;-)

  • Oh, I know. I wasn’t getting shirty with you, that joke just used to annoy me at school when people said it about Senna – it managed to be both offensively homophobic AND offensive towards perhaps the greatest racing driver of them all…

  • > That used to shut them up.

    For a moment I thought you were quoting Alan Partridge..

    > It’s almost enough for me to get Top-Up TV…

    Wash your mouth out. With Swarfega.

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