Editorial, The Mirror, Friday 29th September ’06 :

We warmly welcome reformed drug addict Craig Charles’ return to Coronation Street.

The actor, who plays cheeky cabbie Lloyd Mullaney, will be back in the New Year after a stint in rehab and a police caution.

Everyone deserves a second chance and that certainly includes Craig, who is seeking to rebuild his life and career.

Granada TV bosses, who wrote out his character while Craig received treatment, have behaved responsibly and deserve to be applauded.

And we look forward to Lloyd being allowed once more to pick up fares in Weatherfield.

And ooh, look at us, aren’t we wonderful for saving this man’s career. All hail the Crusading Mirror. We originally printed the story with the express purpose of making him turn his life around, of course, and not just because we wanted a salacious, News Of The World-style story to sell a bucketload of papers.

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  • Oh, yeah, they *warmly* welcome Craig’s return to Corrie, just like they ‘warmly’ and with parental-like concern printed that original, sensitively-done story. Whoever at the Mirror is spewing forth this utter load of bollocks seriously wants kicking. >:\

  • I said it before–I even posted it before the site went down–and I’ll reiterate:

    Fuck the Mirror. Fuck the fucking cunting Mirror.

  • Then you’ll like, I hope, that I’m working on some new Holoship content, even as I type. (Well, not strictly “as I type”. But it’s nearly true; and I’m probably working on it by the time you read this. Anyway, more on that when it’s up.)

    Besides, it’s true. Craig Charles is a bit of a git, but the Mirror are a bunch of right fuckers (not cunts, however; those serve a purpose).

    UltraMegaEdit: Come and get it! After more wrestling with WordPress’s admin dashboard then I’d like to admit, I finally posted my first proper review! Go look! (The link to the Holoship’s right there, in the right linky column.) Not to brag, but it *is* perfect.

  • Funniest thing I’ve ever read about Craig Charles and Corrie, by someone on a forum: “Why did he take the job in the first place?”

    Well, let me think. Why the hell would he want to be on the highest-rated show in Britain? It’s just stupid, clearly.

  • Indeed, it simply doesn’t make sense for Craig to take a job that offers him oodles of fame and probably pots of money. Why isn’t he just sitting on his arse writing poetry and waiting for Red Dwarf IX, dammit?

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