You may have noticed a couple of links added to our Quick Links section recently. But in case you hadn’t, we thought we’d draw your attention to a couple of new Red Dwarf blogs set up by some members of this very site that you hold in your hands.

  • First up is The Holoship Enlightenment, set up by Arlene. Recently published is a piece on Red Dwarf and videogames, and an excellent piece on Holoship.
  • Secondly is The Starbug Diaries, set up by Karl Eisenhauer. Currently being published is a wonderful series of reports of this year’s Dimension Jump, and a complete set of episode reviews, starting from The End.

The great thing about blogs is that they’re so easy to set up and maintain – so instead of worrying about how to get your site set up, you can just start publishing stuff immediately. So if you feel like writing about Dwarf – why not set one up? Let us know about it here, and as long as you can spell and string a sentence together, we’ll stick it in the Quick Links to help you get a bit of an audience.

And if you don’t feel like writing about Dwarf – you could always try writing about some other shows. As I said recently – there’s a huge lack of writing about comedy on the net. Or indeed, about a lot of shows. As I keep banging on, there’s plenty of stuff that isn’t written about much on the net anywhere – and the stuff that is written about is often the same things over and over again. Don’t think that anything you’ve got to say has already been said, because it almost certainly isn’t the case…

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  • First up is The Holoship Enlightenment, set up by Arlene. Recently published is a piece on Red Dwarf and videogames, and an excellent piece on Holoship.

    Wow. I think I’ve hit the big time…

    You have my thanks, tho’, for helping me pull in the hits ‘n’ comments. These Dwarfers, they’re good people. And tolerant of fucking cunting profanities.

  • Cheers Jon. The rest of the DJ Diary is more or less written it just needs some final tweaking and will be up this week. Episode Reviews will start up again when I came remember to borrow the Series 1 DVD from somebody.

  • erm…speaking of my weblog, I’d like to ask someone to help me organize my material there before it becomes a big ol’ mess. See, I’ve been trying to make separate categories for speculative pieces (like my RD and videogaming bit), RD reviews (like what I’ve put up for “Holoship”), and fanwank (like if I put up a fanfiction or something), aside from a space about things related to the blog itself (like my opening post).

    Thing is, I can’t make new categories (I’ve tried–it literally won’t let me click on the space where it lets you write new categories), and while I can make new pages in lieu of each new category, that means I can’t save old comments–all I can do is copy the original article, make a new page for it, and link to that page on the page which is serving as a category. I do know these sorts of things are saved in an XML export file, and I bet someone with a decent knowledge of that sort of thing could rearrange things so they work the way I’d like.

    I guess it could be argued that it’s a bit early to go for a big reorganization, but I’m asking now because I only have a few things up–I don’t want to put this off until it becomes a huge tangle. So can one of you big, strong, handsome programmer-types come to the rescue of a damsel in distress here =P ? Pretty please? You’d have my unending thanks in return (and, um, I guess if you needed an article written or something, I could help with that…)

    I hope I’ve explained it well enough, too…

  • I reckon categories should definitely work, it’s just I bet they need turning on somewhere. Assuming your blog has the same WordPress interface as mine, I should be of some use to you. Drop me an e-mail and we’ll sort this bitch out:

  • The email should be in your box now. I warn you, tho’, I added one picture to show you precisely what I see when I see the Categories box…

  • What? The man whose website almost singlehandedly made “cunt” part of my regular lexicon–shocked at the B-word?

  • I should add thanks for the link. It’s all a bit off a mess at the moment, however, I figured getting a good constant stream of content going a mite more important than the look for the time bieng. Final part of the DJ journal will be up tonight.(unlss my connection screws up…again)

  • I prefer to think the Gallow’s Corner area as a giant commune united under an air of chip fat and the faint sound of the bookies.

  • **rings triangle** Come and get it! The site’s all fixed up and I’ve got some yummy new content! I’m also working on a review of Last Human, but that may be a few days.

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